Undergrad majors & programs

Athletic Training (Kinesiology)

Chiropractic (Biology)

Dentistry (Biology)

Law (Political Science)

Medicine (Biology)

Mortuary Science (Biology)

Music Therapy (Music)

Occupational Therapy (Kinesiology)

Optometry (Biology)

Pharmacy (Biology)

Physical Therapy (Kinesiology)

Physician Assistant (Biology)

Veterinary Medicine (Biology)

*The program adviser's department is in parentheses.

Christian Theatre Ministries (Theatre)

Computer Science (Computer Science)

Fitness Management (Kinesiology)

Sport Management (Kinesiology)

Strength and Conditioning (Kinesiology)

*The program adviser's department is in parentheses. In some cases, the career concentration must be paired with a prescribed major. In other cases, one of several majors supports the career concentration.

Most students will major in one or two of the programs already offered by the college, but if you’re interested in something special—something that can only be achieved by combining several programs into one major that’s still doable in four years—we’ll work with you to design a student-initiated major (SIM).

Recent students have designed SIMs in advertising, ancient history, creative studies, engineering science, international business, ministry to youth with disabilities, and missiology.

SIMs require the approval of your academic adviser and the college’s Academic Affairs Committee. They demonstrate to future employers that you are self-aware, creative and have an entrepreneurial spirit.