An average of 96% of Northwestern alumni are employed or in graduate school within 6 months of graduation. Reasons for our impressive placement rate include:

  • The appeal of our smart, responsible, well-written and well-spoken students to employers and graduate school admissions offices
  • The preparation provided by our excellent academic programs
  • The broad range of services and personal attention of our professional career counselors

Among Northwestern graduates are a Secret Service agent, a Microsoft software developer and a Disney producer. Our alumni are influential entrepreneurs, winning politicians, award-winning medical specialists, published authors, big-screen actors, and recipients of prestigious graduate school fellowships.

Career Development Center services

Northwestern’s Career Development Center’s services are available even before you enroll when you sign up for a MyNWC account. In addition to helping you find internship and study abroad opportunities, Northwestern’s Career Development Center can also help you:

  • Explore your interests, skills and talents and match them with careers
  • Research different majors and careers
  • Search for and find job possibilities
  • Learn about and attend career fairs
  • Prepare a cover letter and resume
  • Practice interviewing
  • Study for graduate school entrance exams