A chemistry professor assists students with lab work.

Impressive expertise. Infectious enthusiasm. That’s Northwestern’s chemistry professors. They'll mentor you through tough courses, guide your lab and intellectual experimentation, and include you in their own research. The personal attention you’ll receive will help you pursue the career or graduate school of your choice. Northwestern’s chemistry department is recognized by Rugg’s Recommendations on the Colleges as a top program that attracts top students. Explore our programs: 


Northwestern’s chemistry labs and equipment are at your disposal for classes, your own experimentation and collaborating with professors. In addition, Northwestern science majors are very successful at landing paid summer research appointments in university labs. Explore research opportunities

Science of success

From the research scientists to the chemistry teachers to the many award-winning physicians and other healthcare providers, NWC chemistry alumni prove they know the formula for success. An impressive 80% of Northwestern science majors headed to medical school are accepted the first time they apply (compared to a 45% national medical school matriculation rate). Recently, physical chemistry students scored, on average, in the 85th percentile on the standardized thermodynamics exam, and Northwestern students who took the MCAT in 2017 scored in the 77th percentile (putting them in the top quarter among MCAT test takers worldwide).

Peace Preston

Future physician

With a love for theatre and the sciences, Peace Preston balances her double major in chemistry and biology professions with great involvement in Northwestern theatre productions.

Peace's story

Emma Wynja

Medically minded

Emma is a medical student at USD, where she received the prestigious South Dakota State Medical Association Foundation Freshman Scholarship.

Emma's story

Eddie Pantzlaff

Brushing up

Confident in his Northwestern science education, Eddie applied to the University of Iowa's top-tier dental program and was accepted right away.

Eddie's story