Northwestern students listen to a lecture in class.

Put your faith to work. Whether you’re headed to Wall Street or Main Street, studying business at Northwestern will prepare you for more than bottom-line success. You’ll be ready to make wise use of the resources God has given you. Business is the largest academic program at Northwestern College. Explore our programs:


Northwestern’s business and economics faculty have real-world experience with accounting, international economics and socially responsible business and entrepreneurial initiatives. They teach here because they are dedicated to preparing professionals whose faith guides their work, leadership, investing and decision-making. Explore faculty

Proven success

Northwestern is included among the top 10 economics programs in the state of Iowa by the career website Northwestern's business students also measure up. On standardized tests, our seniors scored in the 94th percentile and posted category scores of 99% in accounting, 98% in economics and 95% in finance. In addition, the CPA exam pass rates of NWC's accounting graduates are in the top 10 among the 120 members of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities. 

Active learner

The quality of Northwestern’s academic programs and the opportunity to play college football drew TJ to consider NWC. But it was the welcomed he received from coaches and players that ultimately sealed the deal.

TJ's story

A profitable investment

Hans' microeconomics class at Northwestern gave him a new lens to view the world and led him to choose majors in business administration/finance and economics.

Hans's story

Getting down to business

Leaving Northwestern's business department confident in her abilities and in her faith, Julie Haverly is executing the strategic marketing plan for a leading biodiesel producer and working on an M.B.A.

Julie's story