Jonathan Johnson
Human Resources Analyst, AIG, Houston, Texas
Jonathan Johnson

Flexibility at work

Jonathan appreciated how his business administration degree flexed with his interests—allowing him to explore many levels of business without taking up a specific concentration. An internship with his current employer in summer 2020 led to a program-based position in human resources, where he’ll spend the next two years working in different areas across the department. He’ll receive a permanent placement in a role of his choosing, but until then, Jonathan is enjoying the challenge of digging into departmental knowledge and collaborating with various teams.

What led you to pursue a business administration major?
Business has always been an interest of mine, and a business administration major offered the most room to explore virtually all levels of business without taking up a concentration in one area. Additionally, this model of learning freed up space in my schedule to also pursue a major in psychology.

What are the strengths of Northwestern’s business department?
Northwestern’s business professors are simply the best at delivering content to students, while also connecting on a personal level. These personal connections helped me better engage with the material and promoted a healthy learning environment. Another strength is the diverse business faculty. Their perspectives and experiences from around the globe went much deeper than what any book could have taught.

How did Northwestern prepare you to lead a life of significance?
I had a strong conviction that Northwestern would help mold me into the man and professional I have long aspired to become. It was a place that nurtured me intellectually, socially and spiritually—guiding me toward the life of integrity I intend to live. Northwestern also provided me with a well-rounded education that covered a wide array of topics. I find myself using knowledge acquired in my general education classes nearly as much as skills from my business and psychology degrees. Northwestern prepared me for the dynamic workplace where no subject is entirely independent from the others.