Teacher Leadership Graduate Certificate

credits 12 | cost/credit $340 | completion less than 1 year (2 semesters) | next start August 22

Earn your Graduate Certificate in Teacher Leadership online. You already have a master's degree in education, but you're ready for more. Northwestern's graduate certificate in Teacher Leadership is designed for teachers who want specialized, graduate-level training. Our 12-credit graduate certificate will position you for promotion to non-administrative or district-level roles such as instructional coach, peer mentor or teacher leader. Courses focused on needs-assessment, solutions-based coaching and professional development will prepare you to affect changes that lead to better teaching and learning.
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100% online. 8-week courses. Go at your pace.

Earning graduate credits doesn't have to cost all your time away from your other responsibilities. Northwestern College's online Teacher Leadership Graduate Certificate means you can log into class each week to complete your coursework, whenever it's most convenient for you.

Take one online 8-week class at a time, completing two classes each semester, and you'll earn your certificate in less than 1 year (2 semesters).

Program Requirements


EDU 615 - Peer Assessment and Instructional Coaching (3 credits)
3 credits) Instructional coaches are on-site professional developerswho teach educators how to use proven instructional methods. To besuccessful in this role, coaches must be skilled in a variety of roles,including public relations guru, communicator extraordinaire, conflictresolver, master organizer and expert educator. In this course studentswill study factors related to professional learning and hone theirability to improve academic outcomes for students through supportive peercoaching relationships. Prerequisite: completed bachelor's degree in education.
EDU 620 - Professional Learning Communities for School Improvement (3 credits)
(3 credits) Learn to use professional learning communities to unifyteachers and administrators around a shared vision for student and schoolgrowth. This course will equip you to form a PLC, evaluate baselinedata, create a plan, and develop professional development to prepareteachers to implement the plan. Prerequisite: completed bachelor's degree in education.
EDU 625 - Teacher as Leader (3 credits)
3 credits) This course prepares participants to transition fromclassroom teachers to teacher leaders within their school and district.Through the lens of practical application, students will examineeffective leadership theory, the culture of their setting, and theirpersonal strengths and needs to leverage leadership that will drivepositive change. Prerequisite: completed bachelor's degree in education.
EDU 630 - Technology Coaching and Leadership (3 credits)
(3 credits) Use the constructs of adult learning and professionallearning communities to develop a coaching relationship with peerteachers that will support their integrated use of technology to improvestudent and school outcomes. Prerequisite: completed bachelor's degree in education.

Total credits: 12


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