Rebecca Draayer ’21

Passion for Education

Rebecca is a K-12 literacy coach who loves the challenge of instructional coaching and learning new literacy strategies that support her students and other teachers. Through her M.Ed. program, she has gained not only educational resources, but a deepened passion for education.

How would you describe your Northwestern experience?

My experience at Northwestern was nothing less than wonderful. The professors challenged my thinking and were also able to provide guidance; they made earning my Master’s degree an enjoyable and rewardable experience.  

How have you grown throughout your Northwestern experience?

I have grown in my ability to network with other professionals and have established meaningful personal connections with other teachers through NWC’s graduate program. Everyone I encountered when pursuing a graduate degree became part of my professional network. My professors, classmates, editor(s)--these individuals provided connections to new learning opportunities and helped me improve my teaching skills. 

What impact has your Northwestern program had on your career?

My Red Raider education has broadened my professional learning network and furthered my passion for education. The classes through the graduate program taught me new instructional strategies and teaching models which I have already put into practice as my district’s literacy coach. I am excited for future opportunities to share and implement the educational resources I have gathered through my graduate experience.

What advice might you give someone considering the same program?

You have nothing to lose when considering earning a Master’s of Education degree. If you are looking to collaborate with other professionals, learn new skills to bring into your classroom or share within your district, and challenge your thinking, this is the program and school for you!