Peer Learning Center

A lot of Northwestern students call our curriculum tough. But they also say the college provides support that helps them not only survive but thrive academically. In fact, when asked about their challenging classes, many students admit: “I’m really learning something for the first time.”

3 out of 4 students use Northwestern’s Peer Learning Center (PLC) regularly during their four years at NWC—including some with 4.0 GPAs. Located in the DeWitt Learning Commons, the center offers these free services for all students:

  • 200 student tutors
  • Academic counseling
  • Disabilities accommodations
  • Study sessions
  • Study skills tips and training
  • Writing workshops

Accommodations for disabilities

If you have a documented learning or physical disability, you’ll have an equal opportunity to succeed at Northwestern. The PLC’s professional disability specialist will work with you before and after you enroll to verify disabilities and ensure appropriate accommodations and follow-up. To initiate a request for our services, complete a Support for Accommodation Request and submit it to our office.

Study sessions and tutoring

Most Northwestern courses come with a tutor who’s available for one-on-one and group study outside of class. Handpicked by the professor, tutors are students who’ve successfully taken the class and been trained by the PLC. In addition to explaining the course material, answering questions and helping you study for exams, they can also help you learn how to study and manage your time. The PLC also offers regular study centers for students who want after-class assistance in accounting, computer science, math, science and Spanish.

Writing Center

Experienced and accomplished student writers are available to help you at all stages of the writing process for any essay, research paper or other writing project. They can assist you with:

  • Brainstorming topics
  • Developing your thesis
  • Outlining your argument
  • Documenting sources
  • Revising drafts