Integrative General Education

Northwestern will prepare you for more than just a career; it'll prepare you for the rest of your life. In life, it's important to think well, communicate clearly, and approach most issues and situations with both intelligence and compassion—that is, with head and heart. You'll need to be a lifelong learner. And lifelong learning is a journey that could start with Northwestern's Integrative General Education (IGE).

Start with the core

It's true students might see their general education courses as something to check off the list. But once they're taking courses in disciplines they never knew they enjoyed, some change their major. And most find the reading, writing and thinking skills they're learning are more central to their major and future career than they realized. Northwestern's IGE features a 14- to 16-credit core of courses all NWC students take, including:

  • A First-Year Seminar that will engage you in the Christian liberal arts
  • 8 credits of classes that focus on the Christian story and tradition
  • Courses that cover learning themes such as belief and reason, cross-cultural engagement, historical perspectives, and self and society
  • A senior-year seminar that ensures you're prepared to apply all you've learned—both in your major and in your general education classes—to your future career and life of integrity and social responsibility

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