Fan Fei Assistant Professor of Business


Ph.D., M.A., B.A., University of Michigan

VPH 300

Dr. Fan Fei joined Northwestern as an assistant professor of business and economics after earning a doctorate in economics from the University of Michigan. His research focuses on public finance and economic history. Recent papers have explored the development of the highway system and its impact on retail trade, as well as racial disparity in education in the South in the early 20th century. Dr. Fei’s paper on federal-aid highways and the decline of general stores won an award at the 42nd annual Economic and Business History Society conference. His co-authored paper, “Are PILOTs Property Taxes for Nonprofits?” was published in the Journal of Urban Economics.

BUS300 - Principles of Finance

This course covers the basic principles, theory and techniques of financial decision-making in the structure of a corporation. Prerequisites: ACC215 and 216; and either MAT109QR or MAT117QR. (2 credits)

BUS304 - Investments

Models of risk and return are carefully developed to provide a basis for assessing investment opportunities and to enhance our understanding of the role and importance of financial markets. A considerable portion of the course will be devoted to the pricing of derivative securities including options, forward contracts and futures contracts. Prerequisite: BUS300 or ACC315. (4 credits)

ECO213 - Principles of Microeconomics

Microeconomics deals with price determination and how the price system functions. Supply and demand, output, competition, monopoly, resource pricing, international trade and finance will be studied. (4 credits)

"Are PILOTs Property Taxes for Nonprofits?" with James Hines and Jill Horwitz, Journal of Urban Economics, 94 (July 2016), 109-123

Cornerstone Research, New York, NY, 2016

Charles River Associates, Boston, MA, 2016

Michigan Health, History, Demography, and Development (H2D2) Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, 2016

Michigan Economic History Workshop, Ann Arbor, MI, 2015

National Tax Association Annual Conference, Boston, MA, 2015

Economic Historical Association Annual Meeting (poster session), Nashville, TN, 2015

National Tax Association Annual Conference, Santa Fe, NM, 2014

American Economist Association

Economic History Association

National Tax Association