Corrie Hayes ’20
Fort Dodge, Iowa
Corrie Hayes

All the world's a stage

Corrie is combining her double majors in theatre and business administration/marketing with a minor in arts administration. She is a member of the Drama Ministries Ensembles and serves as a speech and macroeconomics tutor, admissions ambassador, and teaching assistant for one of the theatre professors. She has been to two countries while studying at Northwestern: to the Netherlands on a Spring Service Partnership trip, and to England on a study abroad semester at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.

Faithful theatre

I chose Northwestern so I could learn in a place that values education and faith. I saw the love that spread across campus and the emphasis on valuing each individual. What confirmed my decision was the strong theatre department. I saw it was a department that would prepare me for my career while also encouraging me in my faith.

Born to perform

I’ve been singing and performing since I was able to breathe. I always loved being on stage, but as a junior in high school, I was sure I wanted to be a high school math teacher who coached speech and directed the school musical. Dropping out of calculus after the first week of my senior year was proof that high-level math was not for me. So I turned to the possibility of arts administration, combining my love for organization, numbers and theatre—and still trying to hold on to this idea of having a career in something not as unpredictable as performance.

Following the dream

I want to perform. As many times as I’ve tried to find fulfillment in another possibly more stable career, it has fallen short and I have been left empty. With the many opportunities and talents I’ve been given, God has continually pushed me toward a career in performance. As shown by my double major, I have skills in a completely different area—which I hope to also be faithful in. God is rather funny and tends to change my idea of what I want for a career. So while I might imagine myself as a well-paid actor one day, he could decide I need to be working in a corporate office. Wherever I end up, I will keep the arts in my life and make an impact wherever I am.

Firm foundation

The theatre world can be a dark place. It can try to define who you are and what you are worth. But it can also be a place of love, connection, passion and depth. My faith has provided the affirmation of where my worth lies in times of doubt and given me a grounded understanding of who I am. My faith has also been strengthened in the process of creating art, as the work I do on stage mirrors my faith. Being a theatre major allows me to pursue what God has called me to while I learn and develop the skills necessary for the field I want to enter.

Many parts, one body

Something I love about our theatre department is the true emphasis on ensemble. We all work together to create something for the King. Every part is equally important, and we all learn and love each other along the way. The actors would not be seen without the lights. The lights would not work if we didn’t have a crew to hang them. We wouldn’t know how to properly hang lights if we didn’t have professors helping us along the way. The professors care about us and the work they do. Not only do they want us to succeed in our career, but they want us to grow as people and in our faith. They show us what it looks like to be theatre artists as Christians, modeling a life of faith and theatre.