Theatre courses

THE100 - Theatre Production Ensemble
This course is designed to provide students with practical experience in the many facets of theatre production. Course members audition and interview for performance and production staff positions.(1/2 credit)
THE110AE - The Theatre Experience
An examination of the institution of theatre, its creational beauty, its witness to human brokenness, and its capacities for collaboration and flourishing. (4 credits) (NWCore option under Aesthetic Experience)
THE112 - Performance Studies
An introduction to the use of performance as a means of interpreting, analyzing and celebrating literature, and as a tool for experiencing cultural diversity and enacting social change. By providing training in the principles and techniques of performing various genres of literature before an audience, this course seeks to expand students' understanding of the relationships between text and performer, performer and audience, and written and oral forms of literature. Assignments include solo and group performances from poetry, narrative fiction and oral history.(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE114 - Stagecraft
A practical course which introduces students to the organization, skills and materials necessary for mounting a stage production.(2 credits)
THE133 - Ballet
A study of the form and techniques of ballet.(1 credit)
THE135 - Jazz Dance
A study of the form and techniques of jazz dance. Emphasis will be on the integration of modern musical performance.(1 credit)
THE160AE - Film Aesthetics and Criticism
(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)(IGE option under Aesthetic Experience) This course is an examination of film as one of the dominant art forms and influencers of our culture. We will look at film's artistic techniques, genres and content, and we will do film critique.
THE206 - Playwriting: The One-Act
A workshop approach to the study of dramatic structure culminating in the writing of a one-act play. Prerequisite: THE110AE. (2 credits; alternate years, consult department)
THE210 - Stage Management
THE215 - Acting I: Introduction to Acting
A practical approach to the basics of the acting craft, and the development of an individual artistic process. (4 credits)
THE226 - Scene Design
THE227 - Lighting Design
THE230 - Costume Design
A study of methods and approaches to costume design for the theatre.Prerequisite: THE130.(2 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE235 - Sound Design
THE245 - Motion Graphics
THE260 - Drama Ministries Ensemble
A performance group emphasizing preparation of scripts for presentation in worship services and worship-related settings.(1/2 credit)
THE305 - Story and Worship
Christian worship, at its core, is remembering the story of God. This includes biblical stories, personal narratives, the Liturgical Year, church history (global and local), and the story journey of each worship service. This course asks why the church must tell its stories and provides specific tools for including stories within worship. This course is not primarily focused on storytelling as drama, but the role of the dramatic arts will not be overlooked. Students will be invited to seriously consider that the ancient Hebrew people had a dramatic anthology, and the class will examine together practical tools for restaging those biblical works for contemporary culture. (4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE308 - Methods of Teaching Secondary English and Speech
A study and practice of methods for teaching English and speech in high school and junior high school. Topics include language and language learning, composition, oral language, planning, curriculum and assessment. Prerequisites: EDU102 and ENG220. (2 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE312 - Directing
Beginning directors review the guiding principles of theatrical art and then apply these to script selection, development of a prompt script, and the complete rehearsal process. Each student prepares a short play for public performance.Prerequisites: THE113 and215 or permission of instructor.(4 credits)
THE325 - Acting II: Acting Laboratory
A deepened, intensive, approach to acting and the actor?s process covering a variety of topics connected to the acting craft taught on a rotation such as: developing accents and dialects, scene work, professional audition (classical and contemporary), and acting for the camera. Note: May be taken more than once provided a different topic is studied. Prerequisite: THE 215. (2 credits)
THE343WI - History and Theory of Theatre I
(4 credits; alternate years, consult department)(Writing intensive) A study of the development of the history and theory of theatre from its origins through the neoclassical period.
THE344WI - History and Theory of Theatre II
(4 credits; alternate years, consult department)(Writing intensive) A study of the development of the history and theory of the theatre from the English Restoration through the postmodern era.
THE398 - Directed Study
THE406 - Topics in Dramatic Literature
Specific subject matter of this course will vary from semester to semester, but will focus on the study of dramatic literature from one genre or one playwright or one geographical area or one theme/value.Prerequisite: THE113.(2 credits)
THE407 - Playwriting: The Full-Length
This continuation of the study of playwriting focuses on the challenges of the long form. The course includes the processes of writing according to classic structural principles, rewriting, formatting and submitting plays for publication.Prerequisite: THE206 or permission of instructor.(4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE417 - Internship
(4 credits may apply toward the major)
THE465 - Selected Topics in Theatre and Speech
This course will focus on various issues of theatre and speech that are not covered in current course offerings. Possible topics might include: auditioning, stage management, musical theatre, contemporary theatre since 1967, specific genres (comedy, tragedy, theatre of the absurd, Greek, etc.), theatre as social criticism, ethnic theatre, theatre as historical documentary.(2-4 credits, alternate years, consult department)
THE490SR - Senior Seminar in Theatre
This course is designed to study the connection between theatre and place; theatre and social responsibility; theatre and vocation. We will create our online identity for prospective employers, develop an artist's statement to take us into the next phase of our journey, imagine how our artistry can and should intersect with our social responsibility. We will also take a 4-5-day trip to Chicago. Prerequisites: Junior or senior theatre major (theatre minor recommended). (4 credits; alternate years, consult department)
WOR220WI - Worship Words
A course about artful language for faithful ministry, particularly words chosen and spoken for Christian worship. Students will analyze some of the primary uses of words within worship (biblical texts, song lyrics, prayers, faith stories, sermons, invitations, transitions, announcements, blessings) and will practice writing and speaking beautiful words. (4 credits; alternate years, consult department) (Writing intensive)
WOR233 - Leading Worship Teams
This course covers several interconnected practical aspects of worship ministry, built upon an articulate and sound personal philosophy of arts in worship. This course explores leadership skills necessary for working with volunteers, providing pastoral care for team members, preparing for and leading rehearsals, and handling budgets and copyright issues. Students will practice planning, leading, and then evaluating worship services. The course includes methods of teaching and coaching the various instruments (including singers) used in music worship bands, with an introduction to the technical aspects of each instrument and the roles these instruments play within a properly functioning band. (3 credits; alternate years, consult department) Cross-referenced in music.
WOR350 - Worship Technology
This course will equip church leaders to gracefully and effectively communicate with the people who operate technology in corporate worship. Students will cover the equipment, tools, and methods used in many churches always asking how each element serves the body of Christ. (4 credits)
WOR405 - Practicum in Worship Arts
Each worship arts student will be placed in relationship with a church or parachurch ministry to gain hands on experience in worship arts. Note: graded on a pass/no pass basis. Prerequisite: must be taken during last three semesters prior to graduation or by permission of instructor. (2 credits)