Tetta Askeland
Graduate Student, Kent State University, Ohio
Tetta Askeland

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Tetta transferred to Northwestern at the beginning of her junior year, but she felt a part of Northwestern’s community long before that. Prior to attending NWC, Tetta joined her friends (who were NWC students) in eating meals and socializing at Northwestern theatre professors’ homes. She was impressed by the care and camaraderie of the NWC faculty—and her feelings on that didn’t change once she enrolled. Inspired by her NWC teachers, Tetta hopes to be a professor of scenic design after earning her master’s degree.

Why did you transfer to Northwestern?

I transferred after completing my sophomore year because Northwestern was able to meet me where I was at in life. The people at Northwestern reminded me that I am worthy of love and that I am enough in Christ. I felt welcome at Northwestern before I even transferred. I was invited to Jeff and Karen Barkers’ home, along with friends who were students at Northwestern at the time, for meals at Thanksgiving and Easter. I also enjoyed a movie night with friends at another professor’s home. I ultimately chose Northwestern because of the unconditional love and welcome I felt from Northwestern’s theatre faculty.

Why did you decide to pursue a degree in theatre?

I believe the world needs storytellers who speak truth into the world, especially stories of joy and redemption.

Tell us about your graduate school experience.

I’m in a three-year program at Kent State University, where I’m pursuing a Master of Fine Arts degree in scenic design. I’m taking classes that help broaden my depth and breadth in the theatre community. As part of the program, I’ll teach classes like fundamentals of theatre, drafting, scenic design and theatrical construction. I also mentor undergraduate students in the paint and properties shops. My studies include the opportunity to work with visiting guest directors.

How did your Northwestern education prepare you for graduate school?

Northwestern gave me a strong foundation in theatre. The highly-qualified and well-rounded educators make learning engaging and worthwhile. Every day, Northwestern theatre professors challenge you to be your best in the classroom. Classes at Northwestern not only cover the basics, but also go in depth and explore the details that excite students who really love theatre. The focus on detail helped make me a better artist and student. I felt prepared and ahead in graduate school because of the extensive knowledge Northwestern faculty and staff members shared with me.

How would you describe Northwestern professors?

Invested. Northwestern professors care about you as a student and are always willing to talk, both inside and outside of the classroom. They excel in bringing out the best qualities in you as a student and follower of Christ. I appreciated how personal my Northwestern education was. I had small classes, which meant my professors knew me, my interests and my aspirations.

Tell us about community life at Northwestern.

The community at Northwestern is beyond words. Everyone learns, worships, creates and experiences the power of Christ together. It’s hard to find anything better than that.

Do you have a favorite memory from your time at NWC?

I loved “family dinner” nights at my apartment. Once a week, people would cram into my apartment so we could enjoy meals, watch movies and play board games together. We shared many laughs, joys and memories.