Sociology programs

Sociology Major

Sociology electives: 4 credits
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
SOC 202 - Social Problems
SOC 210 - Marriage and Family
SOC 304 - Ethnicity, Power and Identity
SOC 309 - Sociology of Gender
SOC 340 - Sociological Research
SOC 351 - Ethnographic Research
SOC 401 - Sociological Theory
Cognate requirements
Choose one course
PSY 111 - General Psychology
PSY 214x - Social Psychology
Total credits required: 40


During their senior year, a sociology major is required to participate in the departmental assessment program as partial fulfillment of the sociology major.

Students intending to do graduate work in sociology are urged to take MAT216, Advanced Statistical Methods and SOC341x, Philosophy of Social Science.

PSY214x cannot double count for both a sociology elective course and the cognate requirement.