Student playing pool in Hospers Hall

Hospers Hall


Built in 1965, Hospers Hall houses 100 men. Hall traditions include Coffee House and the annual Cardboard and Duct Tape Battle in the spring.

Dana Van Ostrand '20, resident director

  • 4 floors/53 rooms
  • 2 students/room, shared bathrooms
  • 11'1" x 15'8" rooms with cinder block walls and carpeted floor (room dimensions and furniture layout)
  • Bunk beds, dressers, desks/chairs (Lofts are allowed if you follow these construction guidelines. Pre-built lofts are available on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Dana Van Ostrand,, to inquire.) 
  • Coin-operated laundry and community kitchen (students required to have a cafeteria meal plan)
  • Large community lounge, computer/reading lounge
  • Prayer room