Dana Van Ostrand ’20

Dana Van Ostrand ’20 Resident Director of Hospers Hall


Lincoln, Nebraska

B.A. in youth ministry and Christian education from Northwestern

My family  
Wife, Amber 

Residence life memory
I'll never forget how quickly my anxiety about living in the dorm dissipated during those first few weeks on campus. I felt incredibly welcomed by everyone—including my RD, RA and the seniors living in the hall—and it moved me to really value my residence life experience.

Favorite caf' meal
I am a regular of the taqueria station in the caf'. 

Best thing about NWC students 
NWC students are great at supporting a variety of events and activities across campus. Students here want to support other students in their endeavors, not necessarily out of their own interest in the activity, but their interest and care for the people involved.