Libby Ven Huizen ’21
Sheldon, Iowa
Libby Ven Huizen

Preparing to lead

Libby didn’t enter college with a plan to study worship arts, but when she took a course in music ministry, she knew that was the major for her. She found that worship arts combines all of her passions: music, theology and theatre. She hopes to work in a church or parachurch organization and help people grow closer to God. Libby is active in several Northwestern music ensembles, works with the campus ministry team, and serves as a Spanish tutor in the Peer Learning Center

Warm welcome

I chose Northwestern primarily because it felt like home. I knew already after my first visit that Northwestern was a place that would welcome me in and help me thrive. I also wanted a school that would challenge me academically and spiritually, and Northwestern does that.


I cannot emphasize enough how much Northwestern faculty care—they care about you as a student, person and child of God. They want to get to know you on a deeper level than just as a student. Professors have taken many hours to talk with me about my classes and my spiritual life. They’ve prayed with me. They’ve stopped class to answer my questions. They’ve invited me to their homes for fellowship. At Northwestern, you aren’t just another face.

More than music

I appreciate how diverse Northwestern’s worship arts major is. The popular belief is that worship arts is just music, but it’s so much more than that. Northwestern’s program includes courses specific to the major, such as worship technology, but it also includes courses in theology, theatre and music. We’re prepared to serve the church in so many ways.

Learning the “why”

Studying worship arts has drastically impacted my faith, mainly through the courses I’ve taken. The things I’ve learned made me ascertain what I believe as a Christian and have challenged how I live. I’ve found I really love learning the “why” behind what we do in worship services. Soaking up that information has changed the way I worship and helped me grow as a worshiper.

On tour

One of my favorite Northwestern memories was traveling to Spain with the Symphonic Band. It was so fun to travel internationally with some of my very best friends so we could share our music and faith with people of a different culture. The experience of witnessing music across cultural borders was truly amazing. It was also fun to use my Spanish skills in a Spanish-speaking country.

A word of advice

I believe anyone can find a home at Northwestern. Even though it’s a small college, there are so many different ways to get involved and find people who care about you. Beyond that, Northwestern is a place that will challenge you—not only academically, but personally and spiritually as well. If you’re looking to grow during your college years, choose Northwestern.