A student is dressed in traditional garb during an SOS trip to Kenya.

2017 SOS team

Mexico | Camino Global
June 8 to July 20

Kate is serving in Amealco, a Mexican town rooted in tradition. Her team is teaching English and other classes at a community center, helping run a coffee shop, and serving at a local church.

Spain | International Teams
May 18 to July 15

Arin is working at the Pilgrim House in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, serving travelers who have just hiked the Camino Trail. She is helping meet both physical and spiritual needs for those making the pilgrimage.

Greece | International Teams
June 13 to August 6

Betsy is serving at a refugee center in Athens, working primarily with Muslim refugees who are seeking relief from conflict. She is participating in daily center activities as well as providing some nursing aid.

The Netherlands | Shelter Youth Hostels
June 1 to August 4

Stephanie is working with other volunteers to share hospitality, fellowship and the gospel with guests at the hostel.

Southeast Asia | OMF International
June 2 to August 3

Tabitha is working alongside an indigenous church-planting team, sharing the gospel with those of the Buddhist faith. She is forming relationships with community members, teaching English and working in the rice fields. Her team is hoping to humbly reflect the light of the gospel amidst any spiritual darkness they encounter.

Spain | International Teams
May 18 to June 29

Elizabeth is serving at The Pilgrim House in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, working alongside missionaries to serve those finishing the El Camino pilgrimage. She is helping provide  a welcoming place for pilgrims to experience respite from their walk and engage in deeper conversation, community and prayer while exploring questions about the love and mystery of God, life and our resilient frailty.

Peru | The Luke Society 
May 23 to July 16

Amy is working at a health clinic in Moyombamba, Peru, helping the local doctors provide patient care. She's participating in primary medical care, preventative care, geriatric wellness and much more.

Jamaica | Robin's Nest 
June 4 to July 16

Aubrey is working at an orphanage in Jamaica, helping the kids with schoolwork and spending one-on-one time with the children. She'll also help with the cooking and cleaning as well as community outreach.

Bolivia | Pioneers 
June 1 to July 20

Hannah is living with a host family, studying Spanish and Quechua. She is participating in local church activities as well as other ministries. Her main goal is building relationships and connecting with local people, hopefully opening doors for the church.

Ghana | The Luke Society 
May 30 to July 10

Sarah is serving in a Luke Society hospital and clinic in Kasei, Ghana. The Luke Society focuses on providing resources for indigenous Christian medical professionals who are enabled to teach and heal in a holistic manner.

Jamaica | Robin's Nest 
June 4 to July 16

Rebekah is working with kids and assisting their caregivers in any way she can: with laundry, outdoor chores, food prep and more.

Mexico | The Luke Society 
June 8 to July 20

Bethany is working at a clinic in Jalapa, Mexico, assisting Dr. Jose Louis’s ministry, Vida en Abundancia. The ministry’s goals are to improve community health and provide children in the community with opportunities to succeed. 

France | Pioneers 
June 1 to August 3

Suresh is building relationships with Muslims as well as helping the growing church in France with ministries like English teaching, music and worship ministry, prayer walks and intercessions. He's also learning from a current missionary about her ministry.

Kenya | Leamis 
June 13 to July 26

Hannah is partnering with Leamis International to spread the gospel through relational ministry in orphanages and communities in Nairobi, Kenya. She's helping with nutritional clinics for malnourished women and children.

Ghana | The Luke Society 
May 30 to July 10

Peace is partnering with physicians and other healthcare professionals at a Luke Society hospital and clinic in Kasei, Ghana, as they serve the Lord and minister to their community through healthcare. 

Ireland | Dublin Christian Mission 
May 15 to July 18

Kristina is serving people who are homeless and at risk in Dublin. She's serving meals and distributing clothing while also participating in ministry and building relationships with community members. 

Jamaica | Robin's Nest 
June 4 to July 16

Darby is working with children of all ages in an orphanage. She's cleaning, preparing Sunday school lessons, and lending a helping hand wherever and whenever she's needed.

Fiji | Pioneers 
June 1 to July 20

Kyle is working with a team of six college students alongside Fijian missionaries. They're doing relational ministry, youth ministry and serving in a variety of ways to show the love of God to the people of Fiji.

Peru | The Luke Society 
May 23 to July 18

Abigail is working in a Peruvian medical clinic, helping provide health care and health education to surrounding communities.