2019 SOS team

Denver | Mile High Ministries
June 1 to July 26

I am working with multiple ministries in urban Denver that provide practical help and hope to youth and others who are homeless or low-income.

South Asia | Pioneers
May 29 to July 18

I am working with a team in South Asia to help run a coffee shop, teach English to the employees, and build relationships with the people in the village.

Ireland | Dublin Christian Mission
May to July

I am working with the Dublin Christian Mission, helping in different capacities with their homeless ministry.

Peru | Pioneers
May 28 to July 18

I am serving with missionaries located among various tribes in the Amazon rainforest of Peru. Our interaction with each tribe will vary but may include sharing Bible stories with the children, helping with farming and building relationships.

Spain | Camino Global
May 22 to July 3

I am serving at a church in Ubeda, Spain, alongside two Camino Global missionary couples who planted this church about 2 years ago. We are sharing the gospel in Madrid, building relationships with local people, and serving in any way the Lord leads.

Ghana | Pioneers
May 29 to July 18

I am serving alongside local missionaries by teaching in schools and ministering to small villages in North Ghana. I am also volunteering as a medical assistant in clinics and providing help where it is needed most.

Greece | One Collective
Late May to early July

This summer I am working with the organization Helping Hands as they share Christ’s love with the large refugee population in Athens through meal preparation, relational ministries and numerous discipleship opportunities.

Spain | World Team
May 25 to July 10

I am serving in Spain with World Team. I am attending a prayer conference, helping with summer camps and building relationships with community members.

Mexico | Luke Society
June 20 to July 22

I am working with doctors who use medicine as an international mission, assisting them and serving in whatever other capacities the Luke Society needs me.

Dominican Republic | Luke Society
June 10 to July 22

I am serving in a medical clinic in a suburb of Santiago with one other Northwestern student. We are helping in any way we can and partnering with the church associated with the clinic. 

Japan | Pioneers
May 28 to July 18

I am primarily building relationships with university students in Fukuoka, Japan, connecting through English classes and a Spanish club. I am also helping with the church’s weekly activities, learning Japanese language and culture, and teaching English classes for adults and children.

Peru | Pioneers
May 29 to July 18

I am spending the summer in the Amazon rainforest in Peru, partnering with long-term missionaries living among tribal people groups. Each week, our team travels to and lives with a different tribe in the Amazon. In addition to learning how to live in the jungle, we are also learning from the missionaries there about what it looks like to bring the gospel to unreached people groups.

Jamaica | Robin's Nest
June 8 to August 1

At Robin’s Nest I am serving in whatever ways help the kids, whether that be supervising, helping with summer school or simply washing dishes. Most importantly, though, I am interacting one-on-one with the children, helping facilitate their development and education.  

Dominican Republic | Luke Society
June 10 to July 25

I am serving in a medical clinic in Rafey, a suburb of Santiago in the Dominican Republic. I’m working alongside Dr. Johny Belarme and another Northwestern student.

Spain | Pilgrim House
May to July

I am volunteering at the Pilgrim House welcome center in Santiago de Compostela, building  relationships with travelers who have just finished their pilgrimage and serving alongside the local missionaries in whatever ways they need. 

Ghana | Pioneers
May 29 to July 18

I am ministering to schoolchildren of all ages using drama, songs, stories and computer lessons. On Sundays, I travel by truck to remote villages to share my faith and encourage young churches and villagers who are eager to understand the gospel. I am also doing medical volunteering in clinics throughout Ghana.

Jamaica | Robin's Nest
June 10 to mid-July

I am serving at a children’s home in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There are typically 36 kids living in Robin’s Nest a time, and I’m serving in whatever ways God reveals. Most of my work is one-on-one play with the kids, helping with meal prep and dishes, and leading Sunday church for the kids.

Spain | Pilgrim House
May 20 to June 30

I am serving at the Pilgrim House in Santiago, where I’m helping meet the emotional, physical and relational needs of the travelers staying there.

Greece | One Collective
May to July

I am working with the Helping Hands Refugee Center in Athens, Greece, making meals, building relationships and providing discipleship opportunities for refugees.