2015 SOS team

Luke Society,  Moyobamba, Peru
June and July

Josie is participating in Spanish-speaking medical missions, which includes doing rotations at a Moyobamba hospital and assisting with speech therapy for children who have had cleft palate surgery. She is also helping lead educational programs for women.


Rahab's Rope, Bangalore, India
May 15-June 24 

Emily is volunteering in an aftercare facility with women who have been victims of sex trafficking. She is building relationships with them as well as holding Bible studies and skills classes and providing emotional support. Emily is also working in an AIDS/hospice facility to host children’s Bible studies for orphans suffering with AIDS. 

Word for the World,  Chennai, Madurai and Pondicherry, India
May 18-June 30

Word for the World ministers to the socially underprivileged in India. During Alysha's time there, she and her teammate are serving children who are disabled, members of a leper colony, and other people considered outcasts in Indian society.

Word for the World,  India
May 18-June 30

Sonya and her teammates are working with Indian people neglected by society. They are sharing testimonies and Bible stories and showing whoever we meet that they are loved by God. 

Team World,  Swords and Galaway, Ireland
May 26-July 31

Shawn is volunteering as part of a support system for teenagers in Swords (a Dublin suburb), leading youth groups and Bible studies. He is also building relationships and discipling community members. While in Galway, Shawn is leading a youth group and sharing his faith as a means of encouraging Irish teens to expand their own faith.

The Luke Society, Moyobamba, Peru
June to August

Newly graduated with her B.S.N., Heather is serving as a nurse in Moyobabma, assisting with community development, prevention and basic care, cleft palate surgeries, geriatric wellness, and early childhood programs. She also has the opportunity for rotations in a Peru public hospital.


Children of the Promise, Haiti

July 3-August 14

Clare is serving with Children of the Promise, an organization that strives to bring hope and healing to malnourished and abandoned children in Haiti. She is working alongside the nannies in the children’s homes to assist with meeting the children’s physical, social and emotional needs.

The Fountain School, South Korea
June and July

Sarah is teaching English to elementary schoolchildren in June and working with students at an English language camp in July.

Pioneers, Fiji 
June 7-July 30

The Oasis farm enables relationship-building with community members through sharing new farming techniques. During Jenn's time in Fiji, she is working on a papaya farm, tutoring students at a home for children who are abused, leading after-school programs, and teaching Bible classes at a predominately Hindu school.

Children of the Promise, Haiti 
May 18-June 29

Amber is partnering with Children of the Promise, an organization that provides love and care to meet the needs of malnourished children in Haiti. She is assisting the nannies with whatever they need, including helping with meals, therapy, preschool and other projects.

The Luke Society, Quezon, Philippines 
June to August

Candra and fellow NWC student Abby Stevens are working in a small medical clinic. During the week, they are performing medical tasks and assistance at the clinic. On the weekends, their outreach includes participating in worship with the locals.

Mile High Ministries, Denver
May 24-July 31

Kara is serving youth and young adults through Sox Place, an organization that provides a hot meal and safe shelter. She is building relationships and listening to stories as well as sharing her own.

International Teams, Santiago de Compostela, Spain 
May 18-July 6

Monica is interning at The Pilgrim House Welcome Center, a hospitality ministry for travelers of the Camino de Santiago. The Pilgrim House focuses on meeting practical needs, debriefing travelers and forming connections—all with the intention of showing Christ’s love.

Children of the Promise, Haiti
May 18-June 29

Naomi is serving with Children of the Promise, an organization that strives to bring hope and healing to malnourished and abandoned children in Haiti. She is working alongside the nannies and nurses in the children’s homes to assist with both medical needs and daily care.

The Help & Friendship Center, Cochabamba, Bolivia 
May 31-July 31

Kelcie is tutoring kids and guiding classroom activities for an after-school program and preparing snacks and playing games with kids served by the center. She's also assisting with basic construction projects for the center’s new building.

The Luke Society, Palawan, Philippines 
June 26-August 7

Abby and Candra Penning are living with Dr. Susie and Rev. Ben Cayaon. They are serving alongside Dr. Susie in her clinic during the week and participating in the other ministry work of the Cayaon family on the weekends.

International Teams, Athens, Greece 
May 18-July 7

Kelley is volunteering at the Athens Refugee Center, where she's involved with adults’ and children’s Bible classes, English teaching, retreats, clothing distribution, hospitality and a tea house ministry. Also, once a week she is developing her own personal ministry, working directly with the refugees. 

International Teams, Athens, Greece 
June 27-August 10

Jake is working with refugees in Greece who’ve come primarily from Iraq and Iran. He's running a homeless food shelter alongside missionaries, as well as helping host a men’s Bible study, family night, worship services, and many more activities for the refugees.

Rahab's Rope, Goa, India 
May 15-June 24

Emily is volunteering with a ministry that tries to prevent sex trafficking. She is teaching young men how to properly treat women, teaching young mothers how to attach to their children, and teaching women of all ages how to make a living with skills in sewing and jewelry-making.