Students talking in a Fern Smith Hall dorm room

Fern Smith Hall


Built in 1968, Fern Smith Hall—called “Fern”—houses 200 women. Fern is connected to the campus cafeteria, enabling residents to go to breakfast in their jammies if they want. Traditions include all-hall pajama bowling.

Natalie Wheeler '16, resident director

  • 3 floors/100 rooms
  • 2 students/room, shared bathrooms
  • 11'6" x 16'3" rooms with cinder block walls and carpeted floor ( room dimensions and furniture layout)
  • Stackable beds, dressers, desks and shelves that allow for creative and original room design (lofts are not allowed)
  • Coin-operated laundry and community kitchen (students required to have a cafeteria meal plan)
  • Computer, study and socializing lounges
  • TV lounge with cable, game room