Jahdai Dunk ’17
Whittier, California

On a teaching track

A member of Northwestern’s soccer and track and field teams, it was an easy decision for Jahdai to add a physical education minor to her elementary education major. “After I graduate, I want to become a P.E. teacher so I can reach out and connect to students using the athletic talents God has gifted me with,” she says. Until then, she keeps busy on campus as an active member in the FUTURES program and the La Mosaic multicultural student association.

Warm welcome
I chose Northwestern because I loved the people I met during my campus visit. The girls I stayed with in Fern Smith Hall were so welcoming and loving it made me want to attend the college and be part of this community.

Taught by the best
My mother is a teacher and seeing her grow as a person through teaching has inspired me to enter the education field. God uses her in so many ways to reach out to the students at her school, influencing their lives and helping them learn and grow, and that stirred up a desire in me to do the same. Like her, I love to work with people and encourage them in any way I can.

Classroom calm
My education studies have challenged and strengthened my faith. During my early field experience, I was required to teach my first lesson in an actual classroom, and I was extremely nervous. I prayed that God would calm my nerves and give me strength and wisdom to lead. When it came time to present my lesson, I felt calm and confident. Being an education major has strengthened my reliance on God and confirmed his presence in my life.

Learning more
I have gained much more than just an education at Northwestern. The college has challenged me to step out of my comfort zone through participation in Praise & Worship on Sunday nights. My classmates and professors have shown me what it looks like to trust and follow Jesus. Even though I came to Northwestern for a good education, I’m really getting so much more.