Levi Letsche
Instructional Coach and Head Football Coach, Sheldon High School, Sheldon, Iowa
Levi Letsche

Prepared for excellence

After experiencing the welcoming staff and seeing students with a shared mission to glorify God, Levi knew he could call Northwestern home. From his first visit to the completion of his master’s degree, Levi was prepared to live a life of excellence in all aspects of his life. Now, as a teacher and coach, he is striving to help others learn how to do the same—and succeeding. He was among five finalists for Iowa’s 2023 Teacher of the Year.

In what ways does Northwestern stand out?
A Northwestern education is an all-encompassing experience that provides you with an outstanding education, as well as a deep desire to seek excellence in all you do. The staff and faculty take time to invest in students beyond classroom instruction. Students are supported in their pursuit of excellence and are encouraged to develop academically, spiritually and in their areas of interest. The campus culture is welcoming, and the strong connections made with other students makes Northwestern feel like home soon after a student arrives.

How well did Northwestern prepare you for your career?
My Northwestern education provided me with valuable training that prepared me well for my teaching career.  One unique aspect of the Northwestern program is the intentional hours spent reviewing and discussing the practicum experience. Learning how to take those experiences and translate them into tools to use within the classroom has been extremely helpful. Having the opportunity to impact students in a positive way is very humbling and rewarding.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern education?
At Northwestern you are not seen as a number. The math department excels in meeting students where they are and teaching them how to become a person who accomplishes their goals. All the professors at Northwestern are there to mentor you. They know you by name and desire to help you achieve excellence in your educational journey. Whether you’re studying to be a high school math teacher or an actuary, Northwestern's mathematics department goes above and beyond in growing each student individually. I still keep in contact with several professors and mentors who have continued to help me thrive in my career.

What are some of your favorite memories at NWC?
Many of my best memories in college were formed through getting to meet new people and making connections while participating in activities. My favorite moments happened during my experiences playing football and volunteering on a Spring Service Project. I also had a great group of mentors who poured into me and encouraged me to become my best in all that I do.