Education faculty and staff

Northwestern’s education professors have experience teaching a variety of ages in a variety of classroom settings. Under their mentorship, you’ll discover how you can demonstrate your faith in the classroom and have a lasting impact on your students’ learning and lives.

Brower '89
Derek Brower '89
Associate Professor of Education
Douma '98
Heidi Douma '98
Instructor in Education
Heitritter '84
Laura Heitritter '84
Instructor in Education; Department Chair
Tonya Moore-Huss
Lecturer in Education, Academic Support Specialist
Sybesma '81
Lila Sybesma '81
Associate Professor of Education

Adjunct faculty

Dahl '97
Rik Dahl '97
Lecturer in Education
Molly Foss
Student Teacher Supervisor
Howe '90
Kristyn Howe '90
Student Teacher Supervisor
Yaw '92
Chris Yaw '92
Lecturer in Education