Becoming a licensed teacher or adding an endorsement

Teacher candidates who complete the teacher education program at Northwestern College will be recommended for an Iowa license. Teacher candidates cannot be granted a teaching license in the state of Iowa until the candidate has turned 21. All candidates must apply for and complete Iowa licensure requirements to be considered a program completer. This is important, not only for those who plan to teach in Iowa but because many states ask programs to complete licensure forms that indicate whether a candidate has completed a teacher education program. This can be done only after all license requirements have been completed. Consult your student teaching manual for current program completion requirements.

Helpful tips as you apply for an Iowa teaching license.

Once you have a license, Iowa teaching license holders can add an endorsement by following the requirements of Northwestern College’s state-approved program. These requirements are specified on your program of study, obtained through the graduate department. You must apply for your endorsement at the Iowa BOEE. If you have satisfied the course requirements for Northwestern College’s state-approved program, the certification officer will respond to the state with a recommendation.

Helpful tips as you seek to add an endorsement.

Iowa license holders can add endorsements using state minimums. Only Iowa teaching license holders can apply for a license in this way. In this case, teachers will apply for a review of transcripts by the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners. The applicant must submit documentation that the Iowa requirements have been met. Northwestern College welcomes Iowa teachers who are satisfying the state minimums. The onus is on the teacher to show how course requirements are met.

States may review, revise and change licensure rules frequently. Although we cannot guarantee you a license in another state, Northwestern College will complete any forms and paperwork you find must be completed as you walk through license applications upon completion as an Iowa licensed teacher.

If you are seeking licensure in a state other than Iowa, stay connected to the licensure websites for that state. It is the responsibility of the teacher candidate to navigate licensure in other states.

Below are links to the states where many of our candidates apply for licensure. Each link takes you to the state’s teacher licensure website. Be sure to notice the state’s testing requirements.

To find information for a state not listed, Google: (State Name) Department of Education or Teacher Licensure (State Name)

Typically, when Northwestern College’s teacher program completers have passed the licensure tests for state requirements in the states to which they have applied, they are granted an initial license. It is possible that Iowa program completers may have a course or two to take for full licensure in the state where they have an initial license. Typically, teachers who hold an initial, or provisional, license in another state are given one or two years to complete course requirements.