Devin Vander Werff ’20
Urbandale, Iowa
Devin Vander Werff

A great investment

Devin chose Northwestern because of the college’s strong academics and intentional faith integration, as well as the opportunity to play basketball. A double major in business administration/finance and biblical & theological studies, he spent two summers interning for Christian financial advisers. He hopes to find a job in that field after graduation, and he plans to take the first Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam this year. Devin has participated in Spring Service Partnerships in Kentucky and Mississippi and worked with refugees in Greece through the Summer of Service program. He has also been a Discipleship Group leader, ambassador, teaching assistant and tutor.

Kingdom business

Business can be a challenging major because there are a lot of biblical passages that preach against money. It is also very interconnected with political issues. I have had a lot of good conversations with other business students about things we have learned and hot-button issues. I think I am better at talking about these issues and am more prepared to discuss them with future clients. The business department does a good job of creating space to bring faith into financial and political conversations.


Rigorous classes are a definite strength of the business department. I felt very well prepared when I began my internship. Individualized attention is another strength. The business profs do a good job of breaking classes up into small groups and meeting with students outside of class. They also do a great job of integrating technology into the classroom. I have used the skills I learned in Excel and other programs in my internships. I am excited to begin studying for the CFA, knowing my profs will be able to answer any question I have trouble with.

Dr. Fei Fan

Professor [Fan] Fei has had a huge impact on my academic career. He takes a personal approach to teaching and is always encouraging students to meet with him. Many times I get stuck on a problem or am confused on a certain subject; I always go to his office and he helps me out. He is very good about helping students think about future careers. When I first came to NWC I was a marketing major. I decided to switch to finance, and he was one of the profs who explained to me the pros and cons of switching. His lessons are very challenging but have helped me become a faster learner during my internships.

Well prepared

I feel very well prepared for my future because I have had a lot of success in my internships. Last summer I interned for Foster Group and was able to adjust very fast even though I had never had a job in the finance industry. Learning in the classroom was a great starting point. The business major at Northwestern can’t cover every single thing students need to know for their first job, but the profs did a great job of teaching me how to learn fast. I know what my strengths are, and I can apply my learning style in college to my work. After my internship, it was a lot of fun to come back in the fall of my junior year and take the investments course. There were a lot of similarities and also a lot of differences that I enjoyed discussing with other students.