Mattie Ostrowski ’16
Dover, Minnesota

The business of serving

As Mattie searched for a college, she was looking for a place that would help her grow both academically and spiritually—and a place that felt like home. She also wanted to continue her soccer career in a program focused on honoring God on and off the field. After she visited Northwestern, she felt it was a perfect match.

My strong desire to help others led me to become a business major. Since the world of business has so much to offer, I felt there were many areas I could choose from in order to figure out how I could best serve others. Northwestern has helped me see how I can integrate my faith and serve others through my business work. Having the opportunity to participate in Spring Service Project mission trips to Opelousas, Louisiana, and Cary, Mississippi, has further strengthened my desire to integrate my faith into all aspects of my work.

Faith at work
One thing I really appreciate about Northwestern is how intentional the professors are about integrating faith into the classroom. Many of my classes have explored the ways in which we can live out our faith in the business world. Even if we aren’t working in a Christian-based company or organization, there are things we can do to promote an ethical and positive environment that’s built off of our Christian faith.

Strong mentors
Northwestern’s business professors are always willing to help you grow in your knowledge. They encourage you to see them if you need additional help or just want to further understand a particular concept. Additionally, their support goes beyond the classroom. Not only do they care about you as a student, but they also take an interest in your personal life. They are intentional about building relationships as well as supporting and helping you fulfill your career goals and desires.

The classes the business department offers enable students to gather a greater perspective on the different aspects of the business world. Over the years, the department has been able to build relationships with many businesses around the area. These connections have established credibility for Northwestern’s students and have led them to many career opportunities.

Stepping stone
With the support of my professors, I was able to obtain an internship that helped further my knowledge of human resources and enabled me to gain valuable business experience. What I have learned in the classroom and in my internship has left me feeling prepared to enter the business world. I’m excited that I’ve already landed a position as human resources coordinator for Mainstream Living, a nonprofit agency in Des Moines, Iowa. I’ll start right after graduation!