DeWitt Family Science Center nursing lab

Nursing program

Early acceptance

Depending on your high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores, you may qualify for early acceptance. That means you can claim one of 30 seats available in the program now! Start by applying to Northwestern. Then once you've been accepted to NWC, if you're a candidate for early acceptance into our BSN program, we'll contact you with steps to guarantee your seat as a pre-nursing student.

Applying to the program

Students interested in nursing may begin taking pre-nursing courses during their freshman year. (Students with a high school GPA of at least 3.3 and an ACT of 20 or higher have been shown to have the greatest level of success in those courses, but those indicators are not necessary for enrollment in the pre-nursing courses.) Students apply and are admitted to the BSN program during the spring semester of their freshmen year. (A CNA certificate is required at the time of application.) Each year, 30 new candidates are admitted into the program. Northwestern's BSN program can be completed in 4 years, even by students who participate in co-curriculars like athletics, music and theatre.


Northwestern’s nursing curriculum includes a recommended freshman-year seminar that helps prospective nursing students explore their healthcare calling. A senior capstone seminar enables soon-to-be nurses to explore how they will infuse their lives and nursing career with shalom—promoting health and wholeness.

In addition, NWC’s nursing program:

  • Prepares nurses to integrate their faith with their profession
  • Incorporates the liberal arts and service-learning so nursing is taught not just as a human science, but also as a performing art and healing ministry
  • Emphasizes informatics, evidence-based nursing practice, social justice and cross-cultural mission-based care


More than 700 hours of clinical experience including:

  • Diverse clinical experiences in both rural and urban hospitals, medical centers and community-based health settings
  • A pediatric seminar offered during the senior year and pediatric content integrated throughout your nursing clinical experiences
  • A required cross-cultural, medical mission experience in an off-campus U.S. or international location chosen by the student; opportunities include a summer study course in Africa or mission trips arranged through campus ministry