Jackson Henry
Kailua, Hawaii
Jackson Henry

Healing ministry

Jackson wasn’t always going to be a nursing major. When he started at NWC, he declared a biblical and theological studies major. However, after learning about his sister’s experience in Northwestern’s nursing program and seeing its focus on nursing as a ministry–and realizing that he could still take Bible courses while pursuing a nursing degree–he decided to take the leap of faith. A member of the baseball team, he enjoys being involved in intramurals when he’s not in class or clinicals.

Family ties
I chose Northwestern because it felt like home from the moment I stepped on campus. I had visited campus many times before because my sister was a part of the soccer team. When it came time to go to college, I really felt like God was tugging on my heart and calling me to come to NWC.

Taught with care
The nursing program at Northwestern has been such a blessing to me. Not only do the courses challenge me academically, but they also are taught by incredible professors who really care about every student. It is clear that they want you to succeed. The faculty are very knowledgeable, understanding, easy to work with, and do a great job of keeping the classroom experience enjoyable and interesting. Time after time, I am amazed that they are able to communicate very difficult concepts in understandable ways.

A setting for growth
I really appreciate how the nursing professors encourage students to grow both academically and relationally in the classroom setting. Not only does the course content challenge students to work hard and learn the concepts and skills, but the faculty also create an uplifting and friendly environment that allows students to help others and rely on one another. This atmosphere of academic rigor and encouragement has really helped me to learn and grow not only as a future nurse, but as a friend and Christ-follower.

Our nursing program does a great job of keeping Jesus at the center of everything we do. We are reminded, repeatedly, that we are following after the footsteps of our Lord and Savior, and we are encouraged to look at our nursing as a ministry to those around us. This is not only “preached” to us, but it is clearly lived out by all of the faculty and staff.