Jacob Lynott
Hawarden, Iowa
Jacob Lynott

Healing legacy

Jacob became interested in health care at a young age, as both his mother and grandmother were nurses. Through their examples, he realized that he, too, enjoys helping people be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy. Jacob hopes to work in a large metropolitan hospital after graduation and eventually pursue further schooling to become a nurse practitioner or nurse anesthetist. At Northwestern he is a member of the football team and active in the college’s short-term mission trips.

At home

I chose Northwestern because of the people. Students and faculty are very personable and willing to engage in conversation, whether it’s about academics, athletics or campus life. Northwestern makes me feel like I’m at home even when I’m away from home.

All kinds of care

The nursing program integrates faith into all of its curriculum. One of the biggest things nursing professors stress is that our patients are much more than just their physical conditions. We as nurses need to also care for our patients’ mental, emotional and spiritual needs. This isn’t always easy, but by doing so, we are helping God provide healing hands.

Prof praise

The faculty are one of the best parts of the nursing program. They are very qualified and knowledgeable, and they’re able to teach in a variety of ways so all students can learn the content. They challenge students in their studies but also are quick to realize when help or further clarification is needed. They’re also very understanding with how busy students can be and are very flexible with their time, so students can meet with them no matter their schedule.


The nursing facilities at Northwestern are first-class. The science building has large lab areas, so students can gain hands-on experience and perform simulations to help prepare them for their careers.