Engineering dual-degree

Begin your engineering study at Northwestern and you’ll have the advantage of small classes and labs where you can get personal attention from your professors. You’ll work in a team-based, investigative environment, approaching problems much as you would in the real world. You’ll also receive a strong liberal arts education that will make you a better engineer by enabling you to think broadly and giving you a better understanding of the needs and concerns of the people impacted by your future projects.

University of Minnesota dual-degree program

Graduate in 5 years with 2 degrees through our dual-degree program with the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering. After three years at Northwestern and two years at the University of Minnesota, you'll earn a B.A. in math or another field from Northwestern and a B.S. in engineering from the U of M, which offers specialized training in 11 engineering disciplines: aerospace, biomedical, biosystems, chemical, civil, computer, electrical, geological, industrial, materials science and mechanical.

Engineer your own transfer plan

You don't have to choose the University of Minnesota. We'll help you arrange a personalized dual-degree with another institution. Our pre-engineering program is carefully coordinated for ease of transfer to Iowa State University, for example. Or if you're interested in transferring elsewhere, bring information about the program that interests you to Northwestern's pre-engineering adviser during your first year at Northwestern.