ALEKS math preparation, placement

If you're registered for MAT090 but would like to try to place out of it, one option is to take an ALEKS math placement test. You can either take the test during Raider Nation Orientation in August or, if you are not taking a math course during your first year of college, you can take the ALEKS test in the spring semester. ALEKS also offers math preparation software to prepare you for taking the test (and retaking it, if necessary). Registering with ALEKS costs $15. Once you register, you have access to 12 months of learning modules and can take the test up to 5 times.

If you plan to take the ALEKS placement test during Raider Nation Orientation, please take these steps prior to your arrival on campus:

  1. Visit the  ALEKS website and create your account. You will need to purchase an access code for $15, payable online.
  2. After creating your account, take an initial, un-proctored test. The results of your initial test will not count toward placing out of MAT090 since it is un-proctored. The reason for taking an initial test is to get you set up and well-prepared to take the orientation-weekend test during the 60 minutes allotted. Taking an initial test will also tell you if you should take advantage of ALEKS learning and review tools so you’re able to score a 46 or higher to place out of MAT090 during orientation. If you don’t score well enough during orientation, you can study and take the ALEKS test 3 more times within the next 12 months without paying anything more.