Noah Gritters ’21
Pella, Iowa
Noah Gritters

Triple major

A triple major in biology-health professions, chemistry and math, Noah has served as a science and math tutor for fellow students, as well as a teaching assistant for one of his biology professors. He is active in the college’s Pre-Health Professions Club. He also spent three weeks in Greece through Northwestern’s summer study abroad program. His goal is to attend the Carver College of Medicine at the University of Iowa and eventually become a physician.

A great match

I’ve always been interested in nature and God’s creation, especially as it relates to the human body. I find it fascinating to investigate all of the intricacies of the different systems of the body and the different processes it uses to govern itself. I’ve also been on a few different mission trips, which have made me very aware of how much people suffer when they do not have access to adequate medical care. The medical field is the perfect marriage between my love for knowledge and my desire to help other people.

The complete package

I chose Northwestern because the staff members I met on my visit made me feel like the college wanted me--and wanted to help me get the best education possible. In addition, the students I stayed with on my visit were extremely welcoming and inclusive. I could also tell from my visit that Northwestern had both rigorous academics and a vibrant community of believers.

Selling points

All of my professors have been extremely invested in both my learning and in my life. They are all passionate about both science and their faith, and they are always willing to field questions about either of these things. Another major strength of the chemistry department is the science building. The DeWitt Family Science Center has state-of-the-art technology and was designed specifically to fulfill all the needs of Northwestern’s science departments--something it accomplishes with near perfection.

Faith + learning

My professors all have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ, and they desire the same for their students. They teach in a way that integrates the Christian faith with our learning. For example, in organic chemistry, each week we would read several articles about a particular tenet of Christianity. We would take what we learned in those articles, as well as our own thoughts on the issue, and decide what it would look like for a scientist to believe or not believe that particular tenet. Then at the beginning of lab, we would discuss that topic. That was extremely valuable, because it allowed me to prepare an answer for many of the questions I may be asked by non-Christian scientists about why I believe what I believe.

Living in community

The time of year I love most is March Madness, when the North Suites guys set up four or five TVs in the lobby and post the whole bracket on the wall. We have enough TVs to watch all the games being played simultaneously, so whenever there is a game going on, the lobby is full of people all cheering for random teams and ridiculous upsets based on whatever brackets they have made for that year.