Peace Preston ’19
Spencer, Iowa
Peace Preston

Future physician

Peace is balancing her double major in chemistry and biology health professions with her involvement in the college’s theatre productions and Drama Ministries Ensemble, tutoring in the Peer Learning Center, participating in the Future Physicians Club, serving as a lab assistant for freshman-level science courses, and studying abroad for a semester in England. After college, she plans on attending osteopathic medical school and completing another dual degree, this time in obstetrics/gynecology and psychiatric medicine.

Formula for success

I chose Northwestern because I wanted to attend a small, Christian school that possesses a commitment to fostering personal growth. Northwestern also offers theatre awards to non-majors, which my other top choice did not. And as a chemistry major, I really appreciate the department’s faculty and their personable approach to education. I would feel comfortable walking into any faculty member’s office to ask questions, which I believe is another advantage of Northwestern’s size.

 Faith in science

Besides an education, I have gained meaningful relationships with my professors and peers at Northwestern. I have also gained a broader understanding of my place in the world both as a Christian and a scientist. Through studying the sciences, I have realized there is an entire world I know nothing about. This has left me feeling beautifully small, and it’s humbled me to realize there are other emerging scientists around the world who must be working through the same crises.

Trial and error

As chemistry is a particularly challenging discipline, one of the best ways to learn material is by struggling through problems. The faculty equips the students with the knowledge required to answer their own questions. During organic chemistry labs, Dr. Tim Lubben would answer our questions with responses like, “Well, is that what you would expect to happen?” As students, we are encouraged to work through thought processes for ourselves as we work toward becoming better scientists.


My Northwestern education has given me confidence in my abilities as a student, and I feel the rigor of the course load has prepared me for the rigors of graduate school. Also, the relationships I have developed with Northwestern faculty have greatly prepared me for my future internship, medical school and job applications.