Megan Feuchtenberger ’16
Alvord, Iowa

Medical mind

In addition to biology, Megan is earning a second major in Spanish, a minor in chemistry, and a career concentration in neuroscience. She plans to attend medical school and become a bilingual physician so she can participate in medical mission trips to Spanish-speaking countries. At Northwestern she has been involved in Women’s Choir, International Club, discipleship groups, Future Physicians Club, Spanish Chapel, and intramural volleyball and soccer. She also serves as a tutor and teacher’s assistant and works as a Junior Scholar with Dr. Laura Furlong.

The right prescription
I chose Northwestern because of its academic strength, distinctive Christian values, and great community of students, faculty and staff. I've wanted to be a physician since I was in second grade. My biology-health professions major will be excellent preparation for the MCAT and medical school.

Expert mentors
One of the greatest strengths of Northwestern’s biology department is its professors. They truly care about me not only as a student, but as an individual. Their willingness to invest in students is evident in everything they do, and they go above and beyond to help us meet the many prerequisites required for continued schooling—knowing that most biology majors are headed toward some type of graduate program, like medical school. Thanks to them, I’m continuously challenged to be my best in all aspects of my life.

Faith in science
The professors at Northwestern each have their own unique way of integrating faith and learning. Some use the books they’ve assigned, have us journal to reflect on what we’ve read, and then lead us in class discussions. Others pray before class or tests. And still others list Bible verses in their PowerPoints that are relevant to the course work and then elaborate on those verses during class—drawing parallels between God’s word and what we are learning.

Support system
I’m part of the leadership team for the Future Physicians Club, and it’s been a tremendous benefit to be involved in this organization. Through it I’ve gotten to know and learn from other pre-med students who are at various stages on the pathway to medical school. The club is also teaching me about the different things I need to do to prepare for the MCAT and medical school. And by being part of the leadership team, I’m learning how to be a leader.