Elli Sanders
Farm Bill Biologist, Pheasants Forever Inc. and Quail Forever, Wahoo, Nebraska
Elli Sanders

Preserving the environment

Because of Elli’s love for God’s creation, she sought a college where she could get hands-on experience helping others preserve the environment. In addition to providing a strong biology education, Northwestern taught Elli how to make a difference by investing in the lives of others.

What led you to choose biology as your major?
I was always interested in the outdoors and animals, so going into college, I knew I wanted to go into the biology field. From there my professors were instrumental in helping me figure out what path I needed to be on. 

What are some of Northwestern’s strengths?
One is the ability to invest in each individual. Regardless of your major, if you attend Northwestern, you will have multiple people who care about your growth and development. I had faculty, staff, fellow students, community members and many others who played a role in helping me become the person I am today. Another strength is the ability to take individuals with different backgrounds and create a common place for all to thrive. 

How well did NWC prepare you for your future? 
My biology professors did a great job of getting me ready for my career, specifically in the area of research. Talking with graduates from other colleges, they did not have nearly the opportunities to take part in research and hands-on experience that I did. I attribute how quickly I have moved up the work ladder to all the experience I can show from college. My time studying abroad in New Zealand was also an important part of my college career, as it taught me to step out of my comfort zone and shine on my own.

What’s your favorite part of your current job?
I get to interact with landowners on a one-on-one basis. I set up our meetings and spend time investing in their lives. I am constantly inspired by the passion that people have for conservation and habitat and improving their properties for the generations to come.

What do you appreciate most about your Northwestern education?
I was offered a variety of meaningful experiences. I took part in several Spring Service Partnership trips, a semester abroad, several class trips and multiple retreats. My all-time favorite memory at NWC is Sunday night Praise & Worship. I loved the atmosphere that was created and how intentional everyone was who attended.