Andrew Powell ’16
Sioux Falls, South Dakota

A helping heart

After he graduates from Northwestern, Andrew plans to earn a master’s degree in social work and become a licensed social worker. He’s interested in serving as a mental health therapist and providing marriage and family counseling. He’s also passionate about the poor and could see himself working with low-income families and individuals. Andrew is a resident assistant (RA) in his dorm and a linebacker on the Red Raider football team. He’s led a discipleship group and served as a discipleship group coordinator.

Reverse play
I was going to attend another college, but at the last minute Coach McCarty invited me to come to a Football Recruit Day at NWC. I visited campus, fell in love with Northwestern, and committed to play for the Raiders that same day. I still don’t know who made the game film of me and sent it to Coach McCarty, but I’m so grateful they did!

Justice calling
I’m drawn to the fight for social justice within a fallen world and the one-on-one ministry opportunities that social work provides. It’s fascinating how a social worker’s passion reflects the life and work of Christ. And the curriculum in the social work major is especially applicable to life.

Core values
One of the many strengths of Northwestern’s social work program—and I think this is true of all departments—is the intentionality and desire to help students grow in multiple areas of their lives. I also love how the social work major emphasizes the biblical concept that everyone is equal in God’s eyes.

Building bridges
For our RA orientation we went to Minneapolis and got to meet people from different backgrounds and to travel through different parts of the city. One thing I’ll never forget is talking with some of the people who were riding public transportation. People continue to surprise me, and I continue to learn day after day what living for Christ truly means.