Alumni to present research at psychology conference

Three 2011 psychology graduates of Northwestern College and a 2009 alumna will present their senior thesis research presentations at the Association for Psychological Science’s annual conference in Washington, D.C., May 25–28. They will be accompanied by Sandie Kinsinger, instructor of psychology, at the conference, which is the premiere meeting of scientific psychology in the world.

Chelsey Bohr, a recent graduate from Royal, Iowa, will present “Personality, Goal Orientation, Age and Gender as Predictors of Critical Thinking and Epistemological Beliefs.”

Hollyann Elton, a recent graduate from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, will present “Narcissism, Perfectionism and Self Worth: Predictors of Eating Disorders in Men and Women.”

Heather McCollam, a recent graduate from Cherokee, Iowa, will present “An Acceptance of Sexual Coercion: Gender, Age, Sensation Seeking and Narcissism.”

Amanda Maloney, a 2009 graduate of Northwestern, will present “Predictors of Spiritual Disclosure and Intimacy Among Peers.” Maloney, originally from Hartley, Iowa, is an admissions counselor at Northwestern.