Dylan Kirkeby
Brandon, South Dakota
Dylan Kirkeby

Out of this world

Dylan chose Northwestern for its strong academic and athletic reputation, but he also found campus to be a place where personal connections flourished. Whether cheering on teammates at a baseball game, playing ping pong with friends or conversing with cafeteria staff, Dylan enjoys being part of Northwestern’s intentional, tight-knit community. After graduation, Dylan hopes to use his biophysics degree, coupled with a math minor, to pursue space and physics research.

Cosmic opportunities
I started as a math major with the intention of pursuing a master's degree in architecture. After taking my first physics class, I realized that I enjoyed physics more. With a degree in biophysics and a minor in math, I can do anything I might have done with a math major, but now I have the added possibility of doing space and physics research.

Making the grade
Dr. Grace, my adviser and professor, understands that learning is more important than any grade I might receive. She reminds me that, while grades are important, the process of learning and finding joy in my studies is much more important to real-world success. 

Boost of confidence
My experiences on the Red Raider baseball team have helped me to grow as an athlete, but they have also caused mental and spiritual growth. I feel much more confident in who I am as a person and servant of God. Striving to become a better person is something all coaches at Northwestern prioritize, and I can sense how their influence has helped me to mature.

Caring connections
The community of Northwestern is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I feel comfortable talking to any one of my professors and I enjoy the daily conversations I have with Stacy in the Caf and Deb in the mailroom. From professors and coaches to fellow students and cafeteria workers, I’ve formed truly special connections at Northwestern.