Steven Van Meeteren ’22
Sheldon, Iowa
Steven Van Meeteren

High achiever

Even with three majors, Steven has time to run cross country and track, represent his dorm in student government, and serve as a Discipleship Group coordinator on the Campus Ministry Team. He’s a member of Northwestern’s Honors Program and a tutor in the Peer Learning Center. After graduating from NWC, he plans to attend medical school.

Faith + learning

I chose Northwestern because I believed it was the best college for me to succeed academically. I knew professors wouldn’t try to weed me out but instead would help me succeed. I also chose Northwestern because of its values. I wanted peers and friends in the dorm who I could grow in faith with and who would have a positive influence on me.

It all adds up

It’s fascinating the breadth of things in creation that can be predicted by mathematical equations—everything from planetary orbits to atomic structures. That order and logic leaves me in awe of the Creator and his creation. While the biophysics major is challenging, it will prepare me well for the MCAT and be a positive addition to my medical school application.

Motivating mentors

The best things about the physics department at Northwestern are the challenging courses and the professors’ you-can-do-it attitude. Together, they produce high student achievement. With hard work, it’s possible to master the material, and the professors are always willing to meet with you one-on-one to answer your questions. They truly want to see you succeed.

Leadership roles

Northwestern is a great choice if you’re interested in having a leadership role. Residence life, sports teams, clubs, student government and campus ministry all provide opportunities for leadership development. As a D-group coordinator, I organized small groups in the dorm; as a dorm rep, I advocated for the guys in my residence hall; and as a lab assistant, I helped set up labs and answered students’ questions.

A scientific mind

What I most appreciate about Northwestern is the way I’ve been able to explore the relationship between faith and science. Professors do a great job of encouraging students to discuss and study that topic. You’re encouraged to think for yourself and decide what you believe as you consider science, Scripture, philosophy and personal experience.