Grahm Kenobbie ’20
Phoenix, Arizona
Grahm Kenobbie

Inquisitive mind

A fourth-generation attendee of Northwestern, Grahm has family ties to the college that go all the way back to Henry Hospers, one of its founders. Through his many connections to the college, he’s always known about the strong education and exciting opportunities Northwestern offers, but now he’s experiencing them for himself. A double major in philosophy and computer science, Grahm hopes to work in theoretical computing and software development. He’s a member of the Red Raider football and track and field teams, an ambassador for the admissions office, and a leader in the college’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes group.

Early decision

Though my family had a lot to do with my interest in attending Northwestern, the decision was altogether my own. I remember back to about the sixth grade when my family came to Northwestern for Homecoming. While we were here, we attended the football game. I was sitting in the stands next to my mom, and halfway through the game I turned to her and said, “I’m going to play football here”—and that’s when the decision was made. Throughout high school, I visited Northwestern and experienced campus life, and I fell in love. It was the hospitality of the people and the intimate community that made the college a special place for me. I’ve never felt homesick or regretted my choice. And having my grandma in the area to bake me cookies and brownies, as well as provide free laundry, is a definite plus.


My dad was a philosophy major with a psychology minor, so I was encouraged to be inquisitive as a child. I was obsessed with seeking knowledge any way I could, which led to me asking an unreasonable amount of questions. I loved learning and growing my endless supply of fun facts and minor understanding of things, so when I came to college I was quite excited to study philosophy. It's the foundation for beliefs, morals, governing systems, and cultural fads—even thoughts of fast-food chain volatility and major themes for books and movies.  I chose to study it because of its significance to everything we engage with.


Being a double major in philosophy and computer science is fantastic. Although both departments are small, the relationships I’ve formed with all of my professors are incredibly special. The community in both majors is awesome. I’ve never felt intimidated by any of my professors, and the classes have never felt authoritatively controlled. I’ve never had any doubt about my choice.


I enjoy the depth of knowledge the philosophy professors have, the personal connection I’ve made with them, and the areas emphasized through the major’s curriculum as a whole. Class sizes are also a bonus, as my studies have become more personalized to my learning style and personality.


There are so many things I appreciate at Northwestern—the breadth of my education across so many different subjects, the knowledge and commitment my professors have to see me succeed and develop, the amazing friendships I’ve made beyond just the athletic teams and departments I’m part of, and even the opportunity to both carry on a legacy as well as establish my own history at the college. I truly love and enjoy this college beyond belief. Choosing to attend here was definitely one of my greatest decisions.