Lauren Spranger ’16
Trenary, Michigan

Actively learning

With hopes of becoming a personal trainer or strength conditioning coach, Lauren is combining her exercise science major with a concentration in fitness management. Interested in helping her clients achieve a full spectrum of health, Lauren may eventually add a degree in nutrition or dietetics. As a member of both the track and cross country teams, Lauren enjoys keeping her mind and body active.

Weighing the options
During my college search, I had a few other options in mind, but I knew God was nudging me to attend Northwestern based on three things: I was awarded a generous financial aid package, which included the Hebrews 12:1 scholarship (which was a driving force behind my high school track career); Northwestern gave me the opportunity to run track at a level that would challenge me, which is important because I want to continue to improve upon something that I love; and the interaction I had with my recruiter, Northwestern’s sprints coach. After talking to him over the phone (and listening to his striking rendition of “Happy Birthday” left on my voicemail), I knew he cared about me as an individual, and that really impacted me.

Major decision
I originally planned on majoring in nursing, but I felt like God was calling me elsewhere. I have a passion for activity and movement, and I want to help people develop healthy, wholesome lifestyles. I want to challenge people to work towards the very best version of themselves in every aspect of their lives. So when I considered the kinesiology department, I realized it was the right place for me.

Exercising faith
Being involved with athletics has taught me a lot about perseverance, courage and determination that has truly helped to grow my faith. Being a kinesiology major has also been challenging. The world of athletics often revolves around the individual and what he or she is capable of achieving. Oftentimes, athletes overlook the greater power that should be the driving force behind each of their efforts and performances. My goal is to encourage others to make Christ the center of their sport. As I learn how to do this, my faith is constantly being challenged and developed.

Strong bonds
The community I’m surrounded with at Northwestern is unbeatable. I feel like I have another family here, and I love reconnecting with them each fall. I’ve formed deep relationships and developed lifelong friends. Whether it’s making snow angels on the infield after practice or road tripping with my team for nationals, I’m constantly making memories I’ll never forget.