Madison Bertman ’18
Adel, Iowa
Madison Bertman

Learning from the past

In addition to her history degree, Madison is earning a secondary education endorsement that will allow her to teach high school history. She’s also working toward a social sciences endorsement, which will qualify her to teach American history, world history, geography, sociology, psychology, government and economics. Outside the classroom, Madison is a member of Northwestern’s women’s soccer team, which she says helped her immediately gain 25 new friends.

Age of Enlightenment
I'll let you in on a secret: I haven’t always been crazy about history. I enjoyed my high school history classes, but it wasn’t until I took Northwestern’s intro to history class my freshman year that I saw how amazing history was. Ever since I committed to my major, I haven’t looked back! Today, I am passionate about history and planting the seed in other people so they can be just as excited about experiencing—and learning from—the past.

A whole education for your whole life
I chose Northwestern for many reasons. From the first time I visited, I knew this place was special. I wanted a college that would not only challenge me academically and athletically, but spiritually as well. Northwestern does all three! Attending an institution that truly cared about my walk with Jesus has been incredibly encouraging.

Bringing lessons to life
Instead of teaching the same old, washed-out version of history that I experienced in high school, Northwestern’s professors trigger enthusiasm and oversee discussions that lead students to fully understand important concepts. History courses at Northwestern are much more than note-taking and monotonous lectures. And what’s also great about the history faculty is that they genuinely care about me. I never feel like I’m just a number in my classes. My professors know me by name and are concerned both with how I’m doing in their class as well as how I’m doing in life. 

Equipped to excel
After taking classes at Northwestern, I feel fully equipped to go out into the world and excel. The history department has introduced me to a totally different side of history. I’ve been exposed to information that has helped me grasp key ideas. And my education classes have taught me the best ways to lead my students when I am a teacher.