Austin Warren ’18
Norfolk, Nebraska
Austin Warren

Leaping over language barriers

A member of both the cross country and track teams, Austin says he has gained lifelong friends, a great education and amazing experiences during his time at Northwestern. While studying both computer information systems and Spanish, he’s poised to be proficient in a variety of languages, both human and digital. After graduation, he’s hoping to land his dream job managing an IT firm or department that serves both English- and Spanish-speaking professionals.

Speaking his language
I was inspired to major in both computer information systems and Spanish because both of these interest me, and they complement each other well. What most people don’t realize is that programming is very similar to learning a human language. The skills I get from learning machine syntax can also apply to learning a foreign language. 

Faith in learning
Northwestern does an excellent job of integrating faith and learning without making it seem forced. This integration, along with the weekly Praise & Worship service, was what originally drew me to Northwestern. 

Wealth of knowledge
Spanish is a language deeply rooted in culture. While taking Spanish courses at Northwestern, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the culture quite extensively, with the majority of the higher-level classes being dedicated to the study of literature from a certain country or area of the world. But the greatest strength of the foreign languages department—and the attribute I appreciate the most about Northwestern—is the depth of professors’ knowledge and expertise available to students. There has never been an instance during my time at Northwestern that the professors have been unable to provide me with or point me toward an answer to a question.

Life lessons
While studying a foreign language at Northwestern, my faith has been strengthened through listening to and learning from some of the professors’ life experiences. These stories have helped guide my understanding of different cultures, as well as enabling me to see the gaps in my own faith. 

Programmed for success
Northwestern is preparing me very well for the future. With a focus on academic breadth as well as depth, a Northwestern education provides students with a variety of skills that enable them to become more marketable to potential employers.