Ella Van Zee
Pella, Iowa
Ella Van Zee

Learning en comunidad

Ella has been immersing herself in the Spanish language since middle school. She says being bilingual has opened doors to new relationships and opportunities to share the gospel. Over the last four years, she has volunteered her language gifts by serving with Door of Faith Orphanage in La Mision, Baja California, México. After graduation, she hopes to use her Spanish-speaking skills in her day-to-day work, perhaps teaching Spanish or English as a second language.

Right at home
I wanted to go to a college that would support my faith walk and give me a strong sense of community. When I visited Northwestern’s campus in high school, I experienced both of those things and was made to feel at home. I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else! This seems to be true for other new students also. There are people on campus who will reach out and invite you to connect with them, so you are less likely to feel lonely. Northwestern’s faculty also do a good job of supporting students’ needs and encouraging their passions and interests. Knowing that others care about you makes the hard days in college much easier.

Bridging the language gap
It is very empowering to be bilingual. By studying Spanish, I can communicate better with others from different backgrounds, build better relationships, and share the gospel more easily. I want to teach Spanish so I can give students the opportunity to become bilingual, too.

Profesores inteligentes
Northwestern’s Spanish professors really know their stuff! I once asked Profe Koene a question that none of my previous teachers had known the answer to, and he was able to explain it thoroughly right away. Our professors all want the best for us and are excited for us to learn the language.

Campus community
At Northwestern, I have learned what it means to be part of a community of believers. This is a place where we live, learn and work in community, seeking to leverage each person’s talents for the benefit of God’s kingdom.