Congratulations, 2019 graduates!

“Congratulations, Arielita! I am so proud of you and know all of your hard work will pay off. The best is yet to come! Love, your big sissy”
Amanda for Amanda Valdes

“We give God the Glory for this day! We are thankful for the man you have become and all your accomplishments at NWC! It has been a blessing! ”
Mom and Dad, Kenzie,Trey, madi and Kenzie for Parker Mulder

“Zach, we are so proud of the young man you are! Congrats on all your accomplishments! God has a GREAT plan for you! Love, Mom and Dad ”
Tom and Amy Riddle for Zach Riddle

“Congratulations, Caleb! We could not be more proud of your achievement, and more so, the character you show! Congrats! Love Mom and Dad”
Kris and Duane Horsley for Caleb Horsley

“Congratulations Matthew! We are so proud of your hard work at college and pray that God will bless and direct your future. We love you, Mom and Dad”
Ken and Alison Scott for Matthew Scott

“God is within her, she will not fail. Ps 46:5 Be the light! Matt 5:14 God has more in store for you than you can even imagine. Eph 3:20 Congrats!!!”
Cheryl D Haden for Haley Birks

“Thank you, NWC, for helping Becca grow in her faith and reach her goal of dental school. We love you and are so proud of you, Becca. Mom and Dad”
Matt and Kim Gritters for Rebecca Gritters

“We are thankful for NWC and all of the staff and professors who impacted Sarah! Sarah, we are so proud of you! Congratulations!!”
Larry and Kris Homan for Sarah Homan

“Love you, babe! So proud of you and all the hard work you have put in throughout the years. Thankful for your example of pursuing Christ each day!”
Mark Young for Megan Young

“Michaela, congratulations! We are so proud of you! Love that you loved NWC,and were loved and nurtured back!”
Mike and Janelle Van Riesen for Michaela Aulner

“Congratulations on receiving your BSN degree! You will be an amazing, compassionate, and caring nurse! We are very proud of you! God bless you!”
Mom and Dad for Megan Young

“Haley, behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need. So proud!, Mom and Dad ”
Jill and Dave Birks for Haley Birks

“Thank you to the members of the Northwestern family who have nurtured, challenged, encouraged and prayed for Brenden during his time at NWC. God bless!”
Scott & Renee Van Der Werff for Brenden Van Der Werff

“To our son, Alex: We are very proud of the caring and passionate heart you have for others, and we are looking forward to seeing how God will use you.”
Jim & Debbie Tidmore for Jimmy Tidmore

“We are so proud of you, Haley Lynn Sitzmann!”
Duane & Kaye Sitzmann for Haley Sitzmann

“Devin, just know how very proud of you we are in all that you have accomplished. We have faith that God will guide you in your journey! Love, MDJBL”
Kristen Bloemendaal for Devin Bloemendaal

“Congratulations, Macy! Proud of you! Love ya! Jesse”
Jesse Kuehler for Macy Kuehler

“Congratulations, Pooky Bear! I'm so proud of you.”
Steph for Macy Kuehler

“Congrats, Macy! We love you!”
Madi, Brandt, Braxton, & Porter for Macy Kuehler

“Congratulations, Macy! We are so proud of you! We love you! Mom & Larry”
Mom & Larry for Macy Kuehler

“Congratulations on this milestone, Eden! We are so proud of you and are grateful for the people God has used in your life to help shape who you are.”
Jeff and Brenda Burch for Eden Burch

“Congratulations, Cherish! We are so proud of you for surviving 4 years of Iowa winters! Can't wait to see what God has planned for you and Matthew!”
Peggy Hill for Cherish Shuka

“We thank the Lord for the great professors you have had, especially in the religion and ancient languages department. Ut benedicat tibi Dominus et custodial te.”
Kurt and Anne Johnson for Hudson Johnson

“Congrats, Teagie. Can't wait to see all that you will do. I'm one proud big sister. :) Sky”
Skyler Hill-Norby for Teagan Hill-Norby

“Congratulations, Peace! We are so proud of you and the compassionate young woman of God you are. Thanks, NWC: "You will only find grace here."”
Beth and Glenn Preston for Peace Preston

“Teagan, your journey is just beginning! Chase your dreams and embrace the opportunities that await you! Much love and congratulations! Mom and Neel”
Mom and Neel for Teagan Hill-Norby

“Nate, we are so proud of all you have accomplished in your 4 years at NWC! We are grateful for the coaches and professors who have poured into you!”
Brian & Penny Bennett for Nate Bennett

“Congrats, Ingrid! Praise God for your BSN! As a nurse, continue to be the kind, gentle spirit and ray of sunshine that lights up any room. Love Mom & Dad”
Monica & Santiago (Leroy) Ramirez for Ingrid Elisabeth Ramirez

“Jayde, congratulations! May you glorify God in all that you do. Ephesians 3:20-21 #stayanchored”
Craig and Joelle Logemann for Jayde Logemann

“Thank you to Coach Karnish for all of your support and encouragement to Macy through the years! You have been a true blessing to her!”
Jen Kuehler for Macy Kuehler

“Congratulations, Macy! I am so proud of all your hard work and determination to achieve your goal! I love you!”
Mom for Macy Kuehler

“Congratulations, Elizabeth! We are very proud of you. We love seeing how you are using all of the gifts that God has given you. Love, Mom & Dad”
Louis & Lois Glover for Elizabeth (Izzy) Glover

“Congratulations, Emily! We are so proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley and Hannah”
Michelle and Jim Geraets for Emily Geraets

“Nnenna, you always give us pleasant surprises. I thank you, God, for giving me this amazing beautiful girl to raise for you. Congratulations, my baby.”
Mrs. Josephine Ihuoma Nwaelugo for Nnenna Stephanie Nwaelugo

“Congratulations, Morgan! We are so proud of your hard work and accomplishments! You will be a great social worker! We love you! Mom and Dad”
Monte and Missy Tilgner for Morgan Tilgner

“Congratulations, Caitlin! We are so proud of you! We are excited to see what the Lord has in store for you and your future. Love always, Mom & Dad”
Melinda Minishian for Caitlin Minishian

“Congratulations, Ame! You survived the Iowa winters. Now go south, young man! We are proud of you! Love Byron, Tresa, Braden, Connor & Mattie”
Tresa Garwood for Ame Baird

“Braden: You've got your degree. Now give it all you've got! We are proud of you! Love Dad, Mom, Kaitlyn ,Ame, Connor &, Mattie”
Tresa Garwood for Braden Garwood

“Thank you, NWC, for providing such a solid education and a safe, caring environment for our daughter while she was so far from home! The Ellingtons”
Betty Ellington for Brenna Ellington

“Congratulations, Brenna! We're SO proud of all your hard work and perseverance these last 4 years! You'll be one amazing nurse! We love you! Mom & Dad”
Betty Ellington for Brenna Ellington

“We are so proud of the work you have done and what you have accomplished!”
David and Angela for Kristian D. Leppke

“Congrats, Jamie! You've made the most of your college experience, and we're grateful for all the opportunities you've had at NWC. Bonus: Cole!”
Kim Jongerius for Jamie Prescott

“Congratulations, Mason! We are proud of the man you’ve become while remaining kind to others and true to yourself. Let the games begin. We love you.”
Ron and Shauna O’Donnell for Mason O’Donnell

“Thanks to the NW theater department for encouraging, challenging, teaching and loving our daughter so thoroughly! We love you and are so proud, Becky!”
Enrique and Martha Ochoa for Rebecca Ochoa

“So proud of you, Rebekah Muilenburg, and of all your hard work! Love you so much! Love, Dad and Mom”
mark and lisa muilenburg for Rebekah Muilenburg

“Darby, continue to spread your joy for life to your students and those around you! "Wherever you go, go with all your heart." Love, Mom, Dad, & Sean”
Liz Skillern for Darby Skillern

“Congratulations on your graduation, Bekah! We are so proud of the amazing young lady you are, and we are beyond proud to get to be your sisters! ”
Sarah, Emily & Rachel for Rebekah Muilenburg

“Congratulations, Alicia! We are so proud of your achievements and hard work. Hebrews 12:1 "Run with endurance the race God has set." Love, Mom & Dad”
Becky and Merlyn Darling for Alicia Darling

“Thanks to Coach Yaw and all those involved in the women's basketball program. Thank you also to Jackie & Shay Davis for being a second family to Darbi!”
Jeff & Janet Gustafson for Darbi Gustafson

“We are so thankful for the excellent Christian instruction in nursing that Mariah received during her four years at NWC! We are so proud!”
Keith and Kristin Kleinwolterink for Mariah Kleinwolterink Jansen

“Thank you, Donna Van Peursem, for providing such a complete and solid social work education--and with care--for our daughter. The Lindseys”
Sherrie Lindsey for Hannah Lindsey

“Hannah, God has placed some amazing gifts in you, and we can't wait to see how you use them in the next phase of your journey! Love, Mom, Dad, Marissa”
Sherrie Lindsey for Hannah Lindsey

“Matthew, we are so very proud of all that you have accomplished during your time at Northwestern College. Our Love Always - Mom, Phil, PJ, Rachel”
Kimberly and Phil Travers for Matthew D. Johnson

“Continue to walk tall in your faith, Jackson. Congratulations, and fly high! We love you and are super proud of you! ”
Connie Johnson for Jackson Johnson

“You are an amazing young lady. I am so proud of all you have accomplished. God has great plans for you as you impact students. I love you tons! Dad ”
Kevin Derr for Allison Derr