Adebola Adeyemo ’20
Lagos, Nigeria
Adebola Adeyemo

Aiming to inspire

It was through the connection of family and friends that Adebola heard about Northwestern. She was drawn to the college because of the integration of Christian faith and learning, as well as the strong computer science department. Adebola is actively involved on campus through her work with campus ministry and as a math tutor in the Peer Learning Center. She’s a leader in clubs organized by the intercultural development office, through which she assisted in organizing the college’s first Beloved Music and Arts Festival in 2018. A public relations major, Adebola put her skills into practice through a summer internship with Orange City Arts following her sophomore year.

Following her heart

During my second semester at Northwestern, I added a public relations minor to my computer science major, so I had one foot in the public relations field. But I suppose my heart was always in it. My passion for computer science was based on website development, as I continually pay attention to appealing graphics, seek to understand target markets for websites, and ask questions pertaining to public relations. After three semesters as a computer science major, one class fulfilling my public relations minor, and several programming frustrations and meltdowns, I finally decided to follow my passion and switch my major to PR.


Every Northwestern professor I have been privileged to take a class with or casually encounter during an activity on campus or at church has been absolutely gracious and inspiring. They take interest in the success and well-being of students. The time and attention they put into immersing us in our fields while integrating faith is something I really appreciate. I also like that PR majors are quite a tight-knit group, so I continually take classes with incredible and brilliant people I’ve formed really nice relationships with.

Dream job

My dream job when I was a computer science major was working at Google—and even as a public relations major, it still is. Wherever I end up, I hope to work for an organization that fully encourages, positively impacts, and embodies humanity, equality, justice and change. My long-term entrepreneurial goal would be to own a business that does the same.

Ethics advocate

The ethical practices that are encouraged within the PR field reflect Christian values of honesty, transparency, patience and the like. The synchronization of those have enabled me to have an even more in-depth appreciation of the importance and gravity of both words and actions—the basic, yet complex, ways we communicate with one another. In our world where false information, ignorance and miscommunication often cause us to lose sight of God’s love for each individual as well as our faith and hope in humanity, I believe that presenting and communicating to the public in an ethical and gracious manner is just one of the little ways to slowly restore, improve, and inspire love and humanity.

Support system

At Northwestern, I have gained a voice—my voice. When I came to Northwestern, I had conversations with individuals who valued my thoughts, opinions and ideas and encouraged me to have the confidence to share and create things out of them. Being shown such support enables you to form great relationships with the people around you, including students, faculty and staff.