Piet Koene
Associate Professor of Spanish, Translation and Interpreting; Department Chair
Piet Koene

Iowa Professor of the Year Piet Koene has elite certification and experience as a courtroom interpreter.

Award winner
Professor Koene’s passion for the Spanish language and Hispanic culture, his love of teaching, and his life of service have won him multiple awards, including that of Iowa Professor of the Year.

Professor Koene established Northwestern’s Spanish-English translation and interpretation major—making NWC the only Christian college or university in the U.S. to offer such a program.

Empowerer of others
Students describe him as challenging, patient, generous, humble and tireless. He is known for providing them with numerous opportunities for interpreting experience of their own, as well as the chance to see him at work as he interprets during a trial.

Nationally certified
Professor Koene is one of just a handful of people to achieve the credentials of a state-certified court interpreter in Iowa and Minnesota. He is also nationally certified as a medical interpreter.

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