Jennifer Feenstra
Professor of Psychology
Jennifer Feenstra

Dr. Feenstra, a Fulbright Scholar, involves students in her research on volunteerism and service-learning.

People person
A fascination with people—why they think and act as they do—motivates Dr. Feenstra’s teaching, scholarship, and role as an adviser for student research projects.

Student mentor
Her specialty is social psychology, and she often involves students in her studies focused on social support, volunteering and service-learning.

Master teacher
Colleagues describe her as a master teacher, deeply caring educator, and one who’s always willing to devote extra time to serve her students.

Fulbright Scholar
After winning this prestigious award, Dr. Feenstra spent a year in Romania studying the impact of the New Horizons Foundation’s youth development work and teaching at a Romanian university.

Published author
Dr. Feenstra’s research has been published in the Journal of Psychology and Christianity and presented at the American Psychological Association.

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