Fan Fei
Assistant Professor of Business
Fan Fei

Dr. Fei is passionate about what he teaches his students, which is evident through his encouragement and excitement in the classroom and the many economic research projects he’s completed outside of the classroom.

Economic researcher
Dr. Fei has received funds from the Northwestern College Scholarship Grants program to conduct research. In 2017 he researched the impact of the highway system development between World War I and II—specifically its impact on general stores. In 2019 he researched business tax incentives and their effect on the economy. In 2023 he began an exploratory research project to determine whether there are location-specific factors that impact cancer incidence and mortality.

Financial promoter
Dr. Fei serves as the faculty adviser for the Actuarial Science Club, for students majoring in actuarial science, and the Investment Club, which helps students expand their knowledge of financial markets through hands-on capital management experience.

Standout scholar
In 2018, at the annual conference of the Economic and Business History Society in Finland, Dr. Fei presented a paper on the correlation of highway and public school funding. In 2016, his paper titled “Federal-Aid Highways and the Demise of General Stores” was recognized at the same conference as the best paper presented.

Student encourager
Students say, “He is very invested in his work and passionate about what he teaches. He takes a personal approach to teaching and is always encouraging students to meet with him outside of the classroom.”

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