Political science professor presents at academic conference

Dr. Dan Young, political science professor at Northwestern College, presented a paper at the Great Plains Political Science Association’s conference at Northwest Missouri State University recently.

Titled “The Dead End in Alasdair MacIntyre’s Political Thought,” Young’s paper explores the implications of a Scottish moral/political philosopher’s political theory. “MacIntyre is a relentless critic of liberal individualism and capitalism, but what is his alternative?” Young asks. “MacIntyre is never very specific on this point.”

Young argues that MacIntyre’s political theory might be characterized as a conservative liberalism or even libertarianism, but that this is in conflict with Karl Marx’s critique of capitalism that is central to MacIntyre’s political philosophy. “The multiple strands in MacIntyre’s political thought ultimately do not cohere,” Young contends.

Young has a doctorate from Temple University and a master’s degree in public and international affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. He teaches courses in both American and international politics, and his current scholarly research is on the relationship of political liberalism and natural law.