Northwestern adds Middle East minor

Northwestern College is adding a minor in Middle East studies to the academic programs it offers. The new minor is especially relevant for students interested in careers in government, ministry, international business and the social sciences.

“Clearly, this is a critical part of the world,” says Dr. Doug Carlson, associate dean for global education. “Students who have some understanding of the Middle East because they spent four months there and studied Arabic have something valuable to offer future employers.”

The centerpiece of the new minor is a semester spent studying abroad—either in Oman through Northwestern’s Oman Semester program, or in Jerusalem through a program offered by the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities.

The Middle East studies minor incorporates a variety of disciplines, including history, language, political science, religion and sociology. In addition to 16–17 credits for their semester abroad, students must earn eight credits in courses offered at Northwestern. Among those qualifying for the minor are courses in the sociology of religion, cultural anthropology, world religions, comparative politics, intercultural communication, and the history of Islamic civilization.

For more information about the Middle East studies minor, contact Dr. Carlson at 712-707-7055 or