Professor to direct new feature film

Jamey Durham, assistant professor of communications at Northwestern College, will direct a new movie that will be shot in the Orange City area this summer.

Winning Favor is a family film based on the inspirational true story of a group of neighborhood friends in a small Iowa town. While growing up, the boys play basketball together in driveways and tournaments. They eventually go on to play ball at different high schools. Both schools simultaneously produce state championship teams.

Despite the odds, the boys, their teammates and coaches are inspired by a dream and guided by a mission. They learn the importance of friendship, family and community in helping to accomplish their goals.

Durham previously directed the award-winning The Prairie Pirates, which premiered in 2007. His wife, Donna, and Orange City resident Anita Bomgaars will serve as producers. Winning Favor will be shot from June 16 to July 11.

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