Nnenna Nwaelugo ’19
Aboh-Mbaise, Nigeria
Nnenna Nwaelugo

Medically minded

When considering American colleges, Nnenna’s first priority was finding a strong academic program. Northwestern made it to the top of her list due to its excellent academic reputation, coupled with its Christian background and close-knit community. A generous financial aid package helped to seal the deal. Now the 16-year-old has set her sights on attending medical school after graduation before returning home to work for the African Union Medical Centre—and maybe one day opening a hospital of her own.

Asking the tough questions
Being in a setting like Northwestern, where faith is incorporated into essentially every aspect of campus life, has really helped strengthen my faith. Here people aren’t afraid to discuss and tackle the questions that some would consider controversial or off-limits, and I appreciate that because I am the kind of person who likes to ask questions.

Cultivating culture
My favorite memory from Northwestern would have to be the Ethnic Fair. It took months of intense preparation, and I tried to involve myself in everything I could. When the day finally came, it was a huge success and I felt like it was all worth it. So many people came to experience the diverse cultures present at Northwestern, and we had so much fun sharing them.

Forming connections
La Mosaic definitely enriches my time at Northwestern. I think there may be a misconception that La Mosaic is a group of minority students complaining about situations we are facing, but that is far from the truth. La Mosaic provides a setting where students from any background can sit together and have a conversation, get to know each other, and participate in fun activities. I have gotten to know some of my closest friends through La Mosaic, and one of them even taught me how to ice skate. 

Lots to learn
There are many things I will take away from Northwestern besides an education. I have learned how to communicate with others and build relationships with the people I interact with; how to handle stress well and how to balance responsibilities in high-pressure situations; to have humility, because I have been shown there are many things I don’t completely understand, even my own self; and that if I want a relationship with God I have to seek after him myself. No one is going to bring him to me.