Mawuli MacDonald ’16
Accra, Ghana

Heart for Africa

Mawuli first heard about Northwestern through a group of college advisors at the U.S. embassy in Ghana. After traveling over 25 hours to Orange City, Mawuli has made the most of his experience at Northwestern. In addition to being a student, he works in the college library, is a lab assistant for the chemistry department, and tutors students in science. He also has traveled to Minneapolis, Minnesota, as a member of a student missionary team. A double-major in chemistry and biology-health professions, Mawuli wants to become a neurosurgeon and return home to practice medicine in Ghana.

Midwestern bound
I attended a small Christian high school, and I valued the importance of attending a similar institution for college. So when my thorough college search revealed Northwestern’s academically rigorous science program, laudable Christian community, small campus and generous financial aid package, I knew Northwestern would be a fitting choice.

Strong foundation
Growing up, I was blessed with great high school chemistry teachers. They provided me with a good understanding of the subject, so I was considering a major in chemistry prior to selecting a college. Two years into the program, I would say that chemistry has been really challenging, but I still enjoy the material and the professors. Coupled with my interest in chemistry is my passion for medicine. I have a fascination with the human body and its functions, which is a core reason for my second major in biology.

Home away from home
The blend of a great support system both on campus and in the Orange City community makes transitioning much easier. The guys I lived with in my dorm are like brothers—very hospitable and supportive and very interested in me and my culture. My host family from the community has treated me like one of their own, always welcoming me into their home, inviting me to church, providing transportation when I need it, and offering a listening ear when I need one.

Safe and supportive
The professors are warm and welcoming. They create an environment where students are able to discuss course material, issues of faith and any other topics without feeling intimidated. They are also passionate about and committed to their work. They challenge us to reflect deeply on the material, ask our own questions and encourage us to seek answers fearlessly.

Singing praises
I am very grateful for all the opportunities to worship at Northwestern. I especially enjoy the weekday chapel services. It gives me the chance to take a break from the school day, convene with the Christian community on campus and worship together. It gives me an outlet, as well as a chance to show my gratitude to the Lord for all his goodness.