International student health insurance

International students are required to subscribe to an acceptable health insurance plan. We recommend that you subscribe to the plan of your choice, as long as it meets the following requirements:

  • Can be used in the state of Iowa
  • Provides coverage of at least $150,000 per event and $300,000 per insurance period
  • Includes coverage of:
    • Medical evacuation (up to at least $50,000)
    • Repatriation (up to at least $50,000)
    • Accidental death and dismemberment (up to at least $10,000)
    • For athletes only: Injuries arising from intercollegiate athletic participation (up to at least $5,000)
    • COVID-19 (unless contracted prior to start of insurance enrollment)

The insurance plans listed below are designed for international students. You are encouraged to explore them for yourself. If you find a different policy that meets the above criteria, that can be acceptable also. Before subscribing to a low-premium plan, be sure you understand deductibles (what you pay before your insurance will pay anything), co-pays or co-insurance (what you pay yourself for each service), and exclusions (what will not be covered).


  • Patriot Exchange Plan
  • Student Health Advantage Plan
  • Intercollegiate athletes must include the “Optional Sports Add-On” coverage.

International Student Insurance (ISI)

  • Only Select and Elite plans meet our minimums.
  • Intercollegiate athletes must include the “Optional Sports Add-On” coverage.

ISO Compass Silver, Compass PPO, or ISO Secure

  • These plans are not sufficient for athletes, even intramural activities


  • Student Health Advantage, F-1 & F-1 Enhanced include coverage for athletic injuries

You are required to present documentation of your insurance purchased for the semester or the entire year to the Student Life Office. Insurance documentation needs to indicate the premium period already purchased (if insurance period is broken up, deductibles reset, so subscribing for the entire year, if possible, should be to your advantage.) Month-to-month premiums are not acceptable evidence of purchased insurance. Student-athletes who do not show evidence of adequate insurance to Northwestern's athletic trainer will not be allowed to practice.