Todd Boote
Peoples Bank, Rock Valley, Iowa
Todd Boote

Making people and organizations better

The center’s first business leader in residence has helped to launch several businesses and ministries. Todd Boote was a founding partner, director for business development and controller for Bion Companies, a start-up serving the fuel ethanol industry that grew from $10,000 in sales in its first year of operation to a staff of seven and more than $1 million in sales. He also has more than a decade of experience in the banking industry and experience as a leadership consultant with Mindset LLC; a discipleship trainer, coach and board member for Primary Ministries; and a personal trainer with CPM Fitness.

What are your duties with the Center for Innovation and Leadership?

I speak in classes, conduct training with organizations, and am involved with the Accelerate Siouxland leadership development program. I also participate in Innovation Sandbox, a campus laboratory that enables students and organizational leaders to engage in collaborative brainstorming, inventing and problem-solving. I’m excited about the Center for Innovation and Leadership. There’s a lot of potential here, and I’m happy to be involved in laying the groundwork.

What do you hope to provide Northwestern’s students and others with whom you work?

I believe God has given me the gift of being able to draw out from people what they’re good at and help them use that to better themselves, their organization and the kingdom of God. When you catch glimpses of someone hitting that sweet spot of using their talent and seeing it come to fruition, that’s powerful. I look forward to building some great relationships and empowering people to make a difference.

What will people learn about you?

I’m a listener, genuine, and an encourager.

What gets you excited to go to work in the morning?

The quality of people I get to work with, learn from and live alongside. The leaders at Peoples Bank are one of a kind. Faith might not be written in our mission statement, but it’s definitely lived out. There’s a bigger purpose—and that’s something that’s easy to get excited about.

What have been some of the highlights of your career?

Starting Bion was a huge leap of faith. Our purpose was much larger than starting a business, as our intent was for profits to go to support Christian ministries. I learned a lot through that experience. Some things worked well, some didn’t. The business is still doing well today. Beyond that, my passion is to help people, businesses, ministries and their ideas grow. Over the years, I have been blessed to partner with some of the area’s best companies that share an interest in helping people to thrive.