Victor Mena ’18
Avondale, Arizona
Victor Mena

Deep thinker

The opportunity to pursue a degree in English teaching and play college baseball drew Victor to Northwestern, but his visit to campus finalized his decision to transfer as a junior. He fell in love with the culture of the campus and envisioned himself as a student at Northwestern. A pitcher for the Red Raiders, Victor plans to teach English and coach high school baseball after graduation.

Challenging reads

Studying English has continually challenged my thinking because there are great theorists out there, and some of their work makes sense. I never disregarded my faith because of books I read, but they raised questions. I enjoy reading challenging literature that makes me ask questions about God and faith, because it prompts me to dig deeper into why I believe what I do.

Plotting toward success

The English department challenges you to think deeply and critically and asks you to be the best student you can be. The professors present challenging assignments, and then they are willing to help you as much as possible. What I love about our department is that everyone wants you to succeed. The English professors are amazing people who are willing to do whatever it takes to help any student succeed.

A story with potential

My education at Northwestern has taught me the importance of proper time management and taking responsibility. The grade you receive is something you earn, and that is stressed at Northwestern. Earning a good grade shows how far you will go to achieve success. Northwestern pushes you to reach your potential—and has the best resources to help with the ride.

Valuable advice

My relationships with some of my professors will be lifelong. One of my professors told me this: “I am your work colleague. I am not above you in any way, and I am only here to help. In the future, you and I will be working together, so what is the point in me thinking I’m ‘higher’ than you? I am here to help.” I will never forget those words.