Madelynn Harre
Maplewood, Minnesota
Madelynn Harre

Words of the world

Madelynn’s former teachers encouraged her to pursue her passions while offering support in the areas she found challenging. This inspired Madelynn to become an educator, with the goal of helping students find joy in the learning process. Outside the classroom, Madelynn works as a resident assistant, participates in women’s choir and writes for the campus newspaper.

Wonder of learning
I have a deep love of words and reading, so discerning the subject I wanted to teach was simple. I love how stories teach me about new ideas and worlds. In my future English classroom, I want my students to enjoy learning and to discover the wonder that can be found in literature.

Cultural perspectives
I appreciate how much I have learned about other cultures and how they interact with literature and writing. My perspective on how culturally diverse students might interact with class material has widened greatly. My professors are even more passionate about this material than I am, so I feel well prepared to handle the different student backgrounds I might encounter. 

Sifting through the secular
One amazing part of studying English teaching at Northwestern is the extent to which faith is integrated into secular topics of discussion. I have learned to recognize God in secular works of literature and to analyze how the works interact with my own beliefs. This kind of thinking has strengthened my faith and deepened my understanding of how God moves in our world.

Exploring God’s kingdom
The opportunities Northwestern provides to travel and serve, like the Spring Service Partnerships (SSPs) or study abroad programs, are what I appreciate most about Northwestern. These opportunities allow for students to explore God’s kingdom and grow in faith-filled trust. Upon my return from an SSP, I felt like I was glowing with faith and joy because the experience helped me to encounter God on a whole new level.